Harry Potter free printables – invitation, decorations, games and more

Harry Potter party free printables - invitations, decorations and more

All the Harry Potter free printables you need to create a memorable birthday party for kids of any age. And maybe a few adults too. Harry Potter never gets old.

Click here for our Harry Potter party

To download and print these free Harry Potter printables, click on the images.

Note that these free printables are strictly for personal use only.

Harry Potter Party free printables - includes invitation

Click the image to download the printable

Party invitations

Free Harry Potter party invitations to print

Click here for instructions to set the scene for an awesome Harry Potter party.

Sign for front door

Free printable Harry Potter decorationsFree printable Harry Potter decorations

You could also put a Platform 9 ¾ sign on the front door. There’s a good one here.

Hogwarts crest

Add this to invites, party decorations and anywhere else you need a little official Hogwarts magic.

Crest for Hogwarts front door

Harry Potter crest for front door

You want the kids to feel like they are really going to Hogwarts for the day. Remember to add lots of formality to the occasion.

Knock three times sign

Harry Potter sign for front door

Kids love a secret knock. Try it and see.

Uniform sign

Harry Potter uniform sign

Use this sign if you are providing costumes for the kids. If they are coming already dressed up, you won’t need this one.

Notice board and notices

Noticeboard for Harry Potter Party

This printable also has some fun signs to add to your noticeboard (but you can also write whatever you like!)

Large Hogwarts crest

Large Hogwarts crest

Harry Potter free printables wouldn’t be complete without the Hogwarts house crest.

House competition sign-up sheet

Harry Potter quidditch sign-up sheet

We had the kids sign up for quidditch and class like wand management, potions class and owl taming.

House badges

Harry Potter house badges

Allocate each party attendee to a house for games and fun.

Medals for prize winners

Harry Potter medals for prizes

You won’t need prizes when you print and hand out these medals to the winners. Kids go gaga over a medal (and they are free!)

Food labels

Harry Potter food labels to download and print

We’ve left some labels blank so you can add your own ideas. There are also food ideas like Wizards Wands, Bertie Bot’s Every Flavour Beans and Hedwig Cake Pops.

Butter Beer labels

Harry Potter butter beer labels

Make up your own Butter Beer concoction for the kids to try (a little pinch of chilli is an unexpected addition!)

Cake toppers

Harry birthday cake toppers - Harry Birthday

No party is complete with cupcake toppers.

Click here for Harry Potter game ideas

Harry Potter Party free printables
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