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21+ healthy lunchbox snacks to bake or buy

21+ healthy lunchbox snacks to bake or buy

Those bloody lunchboxes, am I right!? I used to bemoan having to do the lunchbox packing when the kids were younger. Weirdly, it’s even harder now the kids pack their own. It means having a bunch of tempting lunchbox snacks around, so the kids aren’t packing chips every day. Plus, filling up these rapidly growing kids of ours is an endless job!

I’m a baker. I love to bake the lunchbox snacks from scratch. I bake every other Sunday, enough for two weeks. I’m also known to throw on a loaf or a slice for afternoon tea once a week too.

Lunchbox snacks the kids will really go for

Not everyone is a baker

But I get that not everyone is into baking. Not everyone has time to bake lunchbox snacks, or even the inclination. Especially the inclination. So, what you need to do is have a good stack of nutritious food on hand, that the kids can just grab and go.

The lunchbox is still the last place we can completely control what our kids are eating, so make the most of it. Shop the health food aisle at the supermarket, and make sure you read all labels.

Or you can just subscribe to receive a stash of lunchbox snacks in the mail, once a month. Genius!

A mum’s new best friend

Lunchbox Pals  is exactly that: a subscription service for lunchbox snacks. You can also receive a one-off box whenever you like. The snacks are all nutritionally balanced and you can elect for gluten-free, nut-free and other allergy-free boxes. Click here to give it a go with a 20% discount.

But back to baking, because I do love to bake. Try these 21 healthy lunchbox snacks. They are all easy to bake, many freeze well, and all taste delicious in the lunchbox.

21+ yummy lunchbox snacks to bake

1. Ham and cheese scrollsHam and cheese scrolls

These scrolls are way more delicious than the ham and bacon buns you get a the supermarket. They freeze surprisingly well too. If you’re pressed for time, there’s a quick 2-ingredient version here.

2. Lemon and coconut muffinsLemon and coconut muffins

These scrummy muffins are mostly wholegrain without too much sugar – so they make the perfect lunchbox snacks. Freeze like a dream and will thaw in the lunchbox, ready to eat at lunch time.

3. Chicken pesto sausage rollsPesto chicken rolls

Yum, yum! Lauren from Create Bake Make writes for us here at Mumlyfe (find all her articles here). Her recipes are always delicious, and this one is no exception. Freeze well.

4. No-dairy raspberry and coconut loafRaspberry and coconut loaf

Light on the sugar and full of wholemeal goodness, this loaf is on high-rotation in my kids’ lunchboxes. Freezes well.

5. Easy pork dumplingsMake your own dumplings

I’ve always been daunted by dumplings, but I made Sammy and Steph’s recipe from The Annoyed Thyroid and it was amazingly straightforward. Dumplings are YUMMY and you can freeze them.

6. Mini impossible piesMini impossible pies - add veggies, cheese and more

This recipe could not be easier or more loved as a lunchbox snack. I guarantee that your first batch will not be your last. Not a great one for freezing.

7. Fruit and vegiesLunchbox snacks ideas #lunchbox #snackideas

You can’t beat fruit and vegies for lunchbox snacks, but plenty of kids won’t eat them. Don’t give up – experiment at home with cherry tomatoes, carrot or celery sticks (with a cream cheese dip often gets them over the line), nori crips and smaller fruit like grapes, blueberries and watermelon cubes. 

8. Chicken tendersBaked chicken tenders are easy to make

Pop these chicken tenders in a sandwich, or straight into a container. Tender and juicy whether they’re served hot or cold. Freeze them, bake them, foil wrap them and into the lunchbox they go.

9. Zucchini, carrot and apple loaf

AKA as ‘zac loaf’ at our place, this one freezes well as baking paper-wrapped individual serves, ready to pop in the lunches.

10. Vanilla berry chia podsVanilla berry chia pods

A little jar of goodness to round off a sandwich lunch. Such a nice recipe from Lucy at Bake Play Smile. This one won’t freeze.

11. Pesto pastaPesto pasta

A little carton of this makes a truly welcome lunch. Add a fork, or okay to eat with fingers. Freeze, reheat, cool and stash in the lunchbox.

12. Pizza quesadillasPizza quesadillas - super easy for the kids to make

These little beauties are good in the lunchbox, served cold. We make them in the morning, pack them in foil, and off they go. Just add whatever topping your kids like. This recipe isn’t suitable for freezing.

13. Blueberry pancakesBlueberry pancake sheet cake - easy-as pancakes for a crow

If you haven’t tried making a sheet pancake yet, do it. Not only does it make pancake-making a breeze, it’s also great for recess. Haven’t tried freezing this one yet, but worth a try.

14. Zucchini and carrot sliceZucchini and carrot slice - great for the lunchbox

A nutritious spin on a classic Aussie lunchbox staple. A slice of this for lunch will see them power through the afternoon. Freezes really well in individual portions.

15. Honey and oat muesli barsNo-Bake Honey and Oat Muesli Bars - quick and easy

Proof that when the pantry is well-stocked, it’s often easier to make a recipe than head to the shops and buy it.

16. Pizza starsPizza stars for the lunchbox

These cuties by Kidgredients are made with spinach yoghurt dough, for an easy whack of nutrition.

17. Cheese and cauliflower frittersCheese and cauliflower fritters recipe

Fritters are fab in the lunchbox. Kylie from Kidgredients has loads of great fritter recipes, though this one by Lauren is our favourite. Delicious hot for dinner, then cold in the lunchbox the next day. Freezes well.

18. Brown rice salmon sushiBrown rice salmon sushi

Serious lunchbox cred. Sadly not for freezing.

19. Ginger biscuitsGinger biscuits - make them in bulk and freeze

This one definitely falls into the ‘treat’ category, but if you bake them hard enough, one tiny bickie will probably do 😉. This recipe makes A LOT of biscuits, but you can freeze either at the dough stage, or after baking the bickies.

20. Anzac sliceAnzac Slice - yummy Anzac Biscuits in a slice

Just like Anzac biscuit, only an Anzac slice. With less sugar. But lots of satisfying oaty goodness. Freezes well.

21. Rice paper rollsRice paper rolls for the lunchbox

You can pack anything into a rice paper wrapper, or follow Danielle’s recipe. Won’t freeze, but these probably wouldn’t last long enough to get into the freezer anyway. Find more of Danielle’s recipes here.

22. Tasty rissolesTasty rissoles recipe

Rissoles always hit the spot. This is another good one to make for dinner (they are fab in spaghetti sauce), with leftovers packed straight into the lunchbox. Make a double-batch and freeze one for later.


If all that seems too hard, try Lunchbox Pals. Click here to get 20% off your order.

21 healthy lunchbox snacks to bake or buy #lunchbox