Lauren Matheson

Create Bake Make

Lauren is the founder and editor of Create Bake Make and co-editor of Thermoblisswhere she shares simple, easy recipes the kids can help make and the family will enjoy. Lauren is also a mum to two little boys so when she isn’t baking up a storm, she’s breaking up arguments. In rare quiet moments, Lauren enjoys a hot coffee and indulging her online shopping addiction.

Easy lasagne recipe

Family dinner: Easy Lasagne recipe

This is a favourite easy lasagne recipe, the original of which was passed on to me from my mum. I’ve modified it a bit over the years, arriving at the crowd-pleaser version…

Mac and cheese - the best dish for a little comfort-food

Mac and cheese recipe (comfort-food at its finest)

Mac and cheese just screams comfort, doesn’t it? It’s got just the right amount of carby, creamy goodness that is so satisfying to tuck into. I’ve kinda-sorta made my Mac and cheese…

Baked chicken tenders

It’s easy to make your own baked chicken tenders

Have a look into any family freezer and you’re almost guaranteed to find a box of baked chicken tenders or chicken nuggets. Baked chicken tenders are the kind of thing you always…

Easy caramel fudge recipe

Sweet treats: Easy caramel fudge recipe

Every home needs a caramel fudge recipe in the recipe book. Caramel fudge is loved by pretty much everyone (do you know anyone who doesn’t love it?). This recipe makes a beautifully…

Cheese and cauliflower fritters recipe

Cheese and cauliflower fritters recipe

These cheese and cauliflower fritters really are the perfect easy lunchbox addition. Keep them warm in a Thermos, or they are equally delicious served cold with some cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks.…

Chicken and veggie parma balls

Family dinner: Chicken and veggie parma balls

These chicken and veggie parma balls recreate the flavours of a chicken parma with less fat and more tomatoey goodness. Like many Aussies, I can’t go past a chicken parma whenever it’s…

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