Minute to win it games - fantastic fun for everyone

7 awesome Minute to Win It games you HAVE to try

We’ve played these wonderful Minute to Win It games at parties for years. They are a riotous, screeching good time. In fact, these Minute to Win It games are¬†loved by quiet kids…

Recycled craft ideas

9 recycled craft ideas for kids

The great thing about recycled craft is that you don’t need money and you don’t need to muck around organising things. You just pull out the recycling bin and let the kids…

Hilarious jokes for tweens - many new jokes for tweens

50 hilarious jokes for tweens [free printable]

I confess I’ve been laughing and groaning away as I put this collection of jokes for tweens together. Jokes are fun for everyone but tweens especially LOVE jokes because not only do…

Things in Sydney for older kids - harbour and beach pools

50+ cool things to do in Sydney for older kids

Things to do in Sydney for older kids can feel few and far between. It can be tough entertaining older kids who no longer want to visit Taronga Zoo (what’s wrong with…

Family conversation starters for older kids

100+ family conversation starters

Sometimes I feel like I’m not asking my kids the right questions. I had a real desire to go a bit deeper and found the family conversation dinners approach. This produced a…

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