I hate parenting a teenager - confessions from a fed up mum

“I hate parenting a teenager, there, I said it”

Look, I’m going to be completely blunt here and you’ll probably hate me almost as much as I hate me, but I hate parenting a teenager, and I have two of them.…

Unparenting - stepping back so the kids can show us they're alright

Life got sweeter when I trialled unparenting

“Not everything is a teachable moment,” my son growled at me from the back of the car. “You know you can stop parenting all the time, don’t you? You could try… unparenting!”…

Overcoming exam anxiety

How to overcome exam anxiety and thrive

Do you feel like your mind freezes during exams? Do you find yourself thinking “I really can’t do this”? Does your heart race fast or do you find it hard to breathe…

Entering the otherhood

I’m entering The Otherhood soon and it feels terrifying

Recently, I was searching for something to watch on Netflix and came across The Otherhood about three mothers who met in the school playground many years ago who get together to try…

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