Things in Sydney for older kids - harbour and beach pools

50+ cool things to do in Sydney for older kids

Things to do in Sydney for older kids can feel few and far between. It can be tough entertaining older kids who no longer want to visit Taronga Zoo (what’s wrong with…

Family conversation starters for older kids

100+ family conversation starters

Sometimes I feel like I’m not asking my kids the right questions. I had a real desire to go a bit deeper and found the family conversation dinners approach. This produced a…

Interview questions for kids

21 really fun interview questions for kids to ask their friends

My kids are obsessed with interviewing each other. This usually takes the form of a video segment featuring costumes, microphones and various ridiculous characters. Arabella does a fantastic little old Italian grandmother…

Fun with felt - patch pals

9 fun things for kids to make with felt

Felt is a cheap, versatile craft supply (you can buy sheets of it at Kmart for about $6 for 12 sheets, it’s also available at discount shops and craft shops). My eldest…

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