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Don’t get us started on how cute this reinbeer is…

Don’t get us started on how cute this reinbeer is…

Emma Rowe of Frog Goose and Bear party fame is our resident crafty minx. She makes all kinds of fabulous stuff for birthdays and Christmas. Including reinbeer.

Reinbeer! We die!

It’s a pretty simple concept. You stick pipe cleaner antlers, a little red pom pom and googly eyes on your choice of beer bottle. Sometimes the most effective craft moments are actually the easiest.  Dead simple, as it happens. Creativity is so often an IDEA more than a commitment. And, honestly, no one can say they’re not crafty when faced with something as simple as this.

Total reinbeer awesomeness

Reinbeer bottles are so much fun

What you need

  • Hot glue gun
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Beer

What you do

Take one pipe cleaner and wrap it around the lid of the bottle to secure. Cut a second pipe cleaner in half and twist onto first pipe cleaner to make antlers.

Glue a nose and eyes onto the neck of the bottle.

If you grab a six-pack of beer, you can add a cute printable label to the box for added Christmas cheer. You can find a free label here. OR you could head here and customise your own.

Hello reinbeer and thank you for being so cute for so little effort! Could it really be that easy? It could. Can it really be this cute? It is!

Try making Emma’s crackers too:


Expressing gratitude at Christmas

Apparently reindeer beer is something that’s been doing the rounds on Pinterest for a while. We couldn’t trace the exact moment someone first came up with this most excellent concept, but we are grateful to them.

We are also especially grateful to Emma. Firstly, for being wonderful and generous and kind and just so ridiculously clever, always. And secondly for introducing us to the glory that is reinbeer.

We’re off to find the hot glue gun and make someone’s day…

Know someone who deserves a reinbeer this Christmas?