Easy decoupage activity for tweens that will keep them happy for hours


A simple decoupage activity for tweens

When my eldest was aged 9, she asked if we could spend more time together crafting. This easy decoupage activity for tweens seemed like the perfect way to spend some time together, so that’s what we started with.

It seemed that just like her Mum, she needed a bit of creativity in her life to energise her and give her that buzz that you get when you are doing something that you love.  There is nothing she likes more, apparently, than to potter around in my craft room sticking, painting, sewing, gluing, creating. 

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Doing something like this easy craft activity was a special way to bond. Actually, I think “doing something” is a much easier way to spend time with our often prickly tweens. It seems they enjoy this time together too, working side by side.

Although I knew my daughter enjoyed doing anything crafty (which sadly are more few and far between than ever before), I underestimated just how much she enjoyed and valued it. I think needing quality time on her own with me was a big part of it too, as she told me that I had to do it with her, not just potter nearby.  

As a result, we marked one Saturday a month in the diary to craft, just the two of us.  We are very different in so many ways, so it’s nice to have something to do together that we share.

Easy decoupage activity for tweens

Simple decoupage activity for tweens

If you’d like to give it a go too, this is how we did it …

You will need:

– tissue box cover (we purchased ours at Spotlight)
– paper serviettes 
– mod podge (special glue from craft shops)
– paint brush

Simple decoupage activity for tweens

1. Tear up your paper serviettes into small pieces.

2. Paint the mod podge glue both underneath and on top of the serviette.
3. Continue to cover the box with serviettes and mod podge until completely covered.  
Simple decoupage activity for tweens
4. Depending on the thickness and colour of your serviettes you may have to do lots of layers like we did.  Allow time to dry in between layers.
When my younger daughter saw what her sister had been doing, of course she had to have a go too!  She had a cardboard letter A that we had also purchased from Spotlight and so she decorated that. You can decoupage anything!  You can see that she did less layers on hers, but it still looks fine.  Both girls love having their craft on display in their room, so this activity for tweens was a definite winner.
Do you decoupage?  Any tips? Do you have another fun crafty activity for tweens to suggest?

For more Frog, Goose and Bear crafty activity ideas for you to do with your kids, click here.

Written by Emma Rowe

Emma is mum to one fully-fledged teenager and two almost teens (although they like to behave like they’re already there!). She did a youth work degree at university many moons ago and wonders why on earth it hasn’t made her an expert at parenting her own teenagers. She stays sane by letting her creativity loose in her little party business, Frog,Goose & Bear, where she helps every day folk take the stress out of their at-home parties. With the help of her talented and artistic teenager, Emma adds a bit of creative flare to celebrations in a fun, old-fashioned way.

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