DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

I’m feeling a little bit proud. I just taught 27 Year 3 students how to do a running stitch so that they could DIY felt Christmas baubles for home.

I love encouraging my class to get creative and sewing is next-level for many of them. These felt Christmas baubles would make a lovely afternoon craft project in the lead-up to Christmas.

DIY felt Christmas baubles

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

What you need

  • Coloured felt – I precut the felt into shapes for the class, but your kids might enjoy cutting their own
  • Needle
  • Thread in constrasting colours to your felt
  • Stuffing – you can get this at fabric stores, or use cotton balls, scrunched up newspaper, fabric scraps… whatever takes your fancy
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Buttons, beads and other sparkly and shiny bits for decorating
  • Craft glue

What you need to do

1. Cut the felt into circles, stockings and any other Christmas shape you like.

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

2. Select two felt circles and hold them back to back (contrasting colours look cute, but matching is nice too). Show the kids how to thread the needle then demonstrate a simple running stitch.

3. Stitch until about two-thirds of the way round the circle then add some stuffing.

4. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and hold it in place while you finish sewing the felt all the way around.

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

5. Decorate the baubles using your sparkles and craft glue.

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

Look at how individual my students’ designs are! Check out that cute reindeer! And the little turtle!

See that little yellow bauble? The student painstakingly embroidered his initial onto the reverse side. When I returned from farewelling the students for the holidays, I found a gorgeous note on my desk gifting the bauble to me. Oh my heart!

Christmas gift idea

This would be a super cute DIY gift idea to parcel up and give to little friends for Christmas. I’m having a love affair with recycling yoghurt tubs at the moment. You could add all the sparkly things and items required in a little tub and wrap it all up to make a creative gift.

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Shannon Wong-Nizic

Oh Creative Day

Shannon is a mum and a teacher who harbours the desire to be a published picture book author. But first she needs to figure out what’s on for dinner. She blogs at Oh Creative Day where she celebrates her perfectly imperfect attempts to live a creative life. AKA trying to remain sane whilst raising 3 kids under 3. She has an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest, coffee and pom poms.

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