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Merry Christmas lifesaver wrappers (an awesome class gift)

Merry Christmas lifesaver wrappers (an awesome class gift)

Here’s a cute idea for a small Christmas gift for the class: Merry Christmas lifesaver wrappers. These fizzing, fun little fruit lollies sure beat a candy cane (does anyone actually like candy canes?).

Merry Christmas Fruit Tingle wrappers - free printableAll you have to do is buy some fruit tingles (or any other lifesavers) from the supermarket, download and print the (free printable) wrapper, cut out and tape into place on the lifesavers.

This class gift is easy to make, easy to hand out and lots of fun. Kids get such a kick out of little things like this.

On the back of the wrapper it says:

“THANKS FOR BEING such a great classmate this year. We’ve had so much fun. I hope you have an excellent holiday. See you next year for more!”

These make a cute gift too: Elf donuts with free printable label


The ingredients list on these special lifesaver wrappers says:

“Ingredients: Respect, friendship, cooperation and lots of laughs. NO ARTIFICIAL PEOPLE.”

Ah, just perfect for a merry Christmas for all the lovely kids.

Click here to download the Merry Christmas Lifesaver wrappers.

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Thursday 7th of November 2019

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