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Musical nails: A super-girly, super-fun party game for tween girls

Musical nails: A super-girly, super-fun party game for tween girls
We’ve always loved parties at our place and for years we put on THE BEST SHOW for the kids. Over many years we hosted over 25 BIG parties and each was wonderful for its own reason. Lottie’s 8th birthday was a ‘Fashion Palooza‘ and we invented what I think is the best-ever party game for tween girls.
That said, don’t rule this one out for tween boys. Once they get over their societal hang-ups, boys love a nail polish colour just as much as the girls. So, I reckon this party game for tween girls will go over equally as well with tween boys.
Musical nails - get busy passing the polish
Just quietly, I think teens would like this party game a lot as well! Heck, let’s bring it out for any and every party because it’s that much fun.

The ultimate party game for tween girls

It’s called Musical nails and it’s brilliant fun. In fact, Musical nails has been a huge hit for everyone for years, including me. I love it because it takes a good half an hour to play the game and not a single kid seemed to mind one bit. The kids love it because they get to paint their nails all different silly colours and might get a nail polish to take home.

How to play Musical nails

What you need

  • Bottles of nail polish: Try to have at least five or 10 different colours. They make great prizes for the winners.
  • A piece of A4 paper for each girl (this is just to put under their feet to protect your floor when they are painting their toenails!)
  • Good tunes you can switch on and off

How to play

It’s a simple remake of an old classic:  The music starts and the girls need to pass the bottles of nail polish around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops, whoever is holding a bottle of polish paints one toenail.

Musical nails - it's fun

Musical nails - when the music stops, paint your toe with that colour

Watch out for the nail polish hogs! Veeeeery sloooow to pass the polish along and they end up with half their nails painted before anyone else has even had one. There’s always that kid… 🙂

Musical nails - give the kids plenty of time to paint their nail to their liking

It’s a good idea to pause the music for plenty of time and let the girls know there is NO RUSH. I forgot to do that in the beginning when we first played the game and the toes speak for themselves:

Musical nails - you have to paint whatever colour you get

The winner

The winner is the first person to paint all of their toenails. You might find there’s a ‘race for the final toe’ situation happening and it could be difficult to judge who actually got enough polish on the toe to be deemed ‘finished’. So have an extra prize or two up your sleeve for a couple of winners.

You can have also have other place winners by keeping the game going until the very last kid paints their very last toe nail. It’s fun to have a prize for the kid who finishes last too.

Once the winners have been awarded and the game is done, you can send the kids girls outside for their toe nails to dry before starting on another party game:

What’s your fave party game for tween girls?
Party game for tween girls - musical nails is so much fun you'll play it every year