TED Talks for kids - 16 of the most inspiring TED Talks for kids to love

16 inspiring TED Talks for kids

These TED Talks for kids aren’t exactly aimed at kids, but they 100% inspire kids. TED Talks for kids make kids feel the same way they make an adult feel: inspired, thoughtful,…

Angry mum: The end of the angry mum

The (hopeful) end of the angry mum

I was an angry mum for way too long. It actually felt like my set-point was angry mum – I was just constantly angry and the little respites of not being angry…

A new way to approach friendships

A simple way to think about friendships

When you’re a kid, making friends is really easy. Friendships pop up in the playground, at the slippery dip, in the check out line. Four years ago, my girls made lifelong friends…

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