Rudolf Treat Bags to make

This Rudolph treat bag is a clever way to turn a small Christmas gift into a memorable one. Fill the Rudolph treat bag with lollies, biscuits, or whatever you fancy. It’s a good way to turn a gift card into a present too – just pop the gift card inside with a handful of treats.

All you need to make these Rudolph treat bags are brown paper bags, pom poms and candy canes – who on earth eats those things?

Let’s just say that this tutorial is a fine way to use up excess candy canes that no one wants to eat… It’s also a fine project for the kids to do on their own. Set them up and let them go. Some of the Rudolphs might end up looking a bit wonky, but that only adds to their charm.

How to make a Rudolph treat bag

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What you need

•  Brown paper bags, preferably long and skinny (we bought ours here)
•  Glue
•  Googly eyes
•  Scissors
•  Candy canes
•  Pom poms

What you need to do

Rudolf Treat Bags DIY tutorial

1. Glue the eyes and pom pom nose onto the front of the paper bag. Allow to dry.

2. Draw a mouth under the nose.

3. Use the scissors to make two slits at the top of the bag on an angle and insert candy canes.

4. You’re done! Told you it was easy!

We made these Rudolph treat bags as class gifts to take into school (more than 50 bags – gah!). After we’d finished, some Rudolphs looked decidedly more deranged than others. No matter. The kids seemed to love the ones with the mismatched eyes and scary blue antlers even more than the ‘nice ones’.

There’s a Christmas message for us all right there.

What will you put in your Rudolph treat bags?

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