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Apps to boost your happiness

12 apps that will give you a happiness boost

We know we use screens too much and everyone I know is trying to cut down on their kids’ screen time. With good reason: too much screen time decreases our productivity and…

Parenting a pessimistic child

The challenge of parenting a pessimistic child

It’s a regular parenting request: how to help the pessimistic child become more optimistic. There is genuine panic among some parents that their kid just seems to see the negative all the…

Angry mum: The end of the angry mum

The (hopeful) end of the angry mum

I was an angry mum for way too long. It actually felt like my set-point was angry mum – I was just constantly angry and the little respites of not being angry…

Fake smiles, not orgasms - the key to happiness

Fake smiles, not orgasms (and other secrets to happiness)

The most popular response to the question posted on Quora “What advice would a 70 or 80-year-old person give about the way the life should be lived?”, was a simple one.  Dan…

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