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Make birthdays special - loads of low cost ideas to make your kid's birthday special #birthdays #celebrate #parenting

44 low-cost magical ways to make birthdays special

We love parties. Love them. Love them, love them, love them. Over the years we’ve held many fun parties that make birthdays speical, but the kids are older now. Most of the…

Tips for starting high school

21+ things to know about starting high school

When your kid is starting high school, it’s almost as daunting as when they started ‘big school’. Because, let’s face it, high school is the real big school. Starting high school is…

Best money saving tips for families

Readers tell us their best money saving tips for families

Our recent The Barefoot Investor for Families¬†(affiliate link) giveaway turned up some fantastic money saving tips for families. So good, we found it really difficult to choose two winners. The tips were…

10 things parents do that really matters to kids - no matter how old they are

10 things parents do that really matter to kids

Despite many parenting books existing, the ultimate parenting manual is yet to hit the shelves.¬† Instead, to find out what things parents do that really matter to kids, I hit the Google…

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