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How not to worry about what others think - a guide for mums

How to stop worrying about what other people think

There’s a theme that keeps coming up the more I talk to my fellow mums about parenting: we worry way too much about being judged. In fact, while we talk a lot…

Mindfulness requires mindfulness

Turns out mindfulness requires, ah, mindfulness

I’ve been on a mindfulness mission this year (I should ® that gem). It’s all part of my plan to nourish myself in mind, body and spirit. I recognised that I’m rarely…

Entering the otherhood

I’m entering The Otherhood soon and it feels terrifying

Recently, I was searching for something to watch on Netflix and came across The Otherhood about three mothers who met in the school playground many years ago who get together to try…

1969 school photo

1969 called and it wants its school back

It’s way past time for society to work just as hard as mums and make the necessary changes to rise to meet the modern woman. Hello, Society, pleased to meet you, I’m…

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