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Alice in Wonderland party ideas

A beautiful Alice In Wonderland party on a budget

When it comes to my kids’ parties, I always leave things until the last minute and I always try to spend as little money as possible. This Alice in Wonderland party had…

DIY glow party invites to download and print for free

Set the scene for a tween birthday party with these glow party invites. They are all kinds of colourful fun. Cool glow party invites like these will get everyone excited about attending…

Free Minecraft invitations - edit and print

Free Minecraft party invitations to download, edit and print

We hosted an epic Minecraft party and these invitations set the scene. We thought we’d share the love, so you can download, edit and print these free Minecraft party invitations. You can…

5 totally not-uncool ways to celebrate a teen birthday

A teen birthday can feel like a total letdown when you’re a parent. Celebrating birthdays used to mean booking venues, choosing themes, organising cakes and getting revved up with maximum amounts of…

Pokemon party ideas to try

Pokemon Party Ideas: How to throw an amazing Pokemon Party

Max’s amazing Pokemon party had some big make-it-easy Pokemon party ideas: like a storyline. From the very beginning of the party, the kids were all Pokemon trainers, charged with catching, training and battling…

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