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Holding kids back at school - good idea

High-school is when not holding kids back really bites

I’ve popped up on Babyology’s The Parent Panel podcast talking about holding kids back at school, mothers-in-law, doing your kids’ homework and what I do when the kids yell. Yeah, just hanging…

Psychology podcasts for parents - improve your understanding of human nature

6 podcasts that will help us better understand our kids

Psychology podcasts have become my go-to for expanding my knowledge of human behaviour while I’m on the go. I listen while driving and love that I can be inspired, entertained and educated…

TED Talks for kids - 16 of the most inspiring TED Talks for kids to love

16 inspiring TED Talks for kids

These TED Talks for kids aren’t exactly aimed at kids, but they 100% inspire kids. TED Talks for kids make kids feel the same way they make an adult feel: inspired, thoughtful,…


16 really good podcasts for tweens

We want the kids to be on screens less, right? Well, these podcasts for tweens should do the trick. The beauty of a podcast is that you can listen while simultaneously doing…

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