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It's okay to really hate parenting sometimes

Don’t feel bad if you hate parenting sometimes

I completely dropped my parenting bundle one morning as we scrambled to get ready for school photo day. If school photo day isn’t a reason for a mum to hate parenting, I…

Help build resilience in teens and tweens: great tips to help make kids strong. #resilience

10 ways to build resilience to help kids cope with life

Change is an expected part of modern life and the ability to cope with it an important aspect of good mental health. Helping our kids build resilience is an important part of…

Resilience tips to help you bounce back in tough timesResilience tips to help you bounce back in tough times

5 resilience tips to help you through tough times

These resilience tips will help you and your child through tough times. Resilience – the ability to bounce back when things get rough – is not something we are born with, although…

How I learned to stopped crticising my kids with these five techniques

5 techniques I’m using to stop criticising my kids

I’m a terrible nagger of my children, and I know I’m not alone in needing to stop criticising my kids. “As parents, we are, unwittingly, too critical of our children,” says Dr…

Growth mindset - how to help your kids develop a growth mindset

How to help your child develop a growth mindset

So often we equate a ‘growth mindset’ with praise and the words that we use to encourage or reward our kids; ‘You tried so hard’ as a replacement for ‘You’re so clever’. …

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