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10 wellbeing podcasts that will help you feel better

10 wellbeing podcasts that will help you feel better

I can’t get by without my wellbeing podcasts. Truly. I save them up to listen when I’m out walking and they basically keep me walking. So only letting myself listen to them during a walk means they are working already…

I have other podcasts for other times of day (driving and housework), but wellbeing podcasts are my favourites. I guess I’ve been a ‘self-help’ junkie most of my life. I think the first self-help book I found was Susan Jeffer’s Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (a little catch-phrase I often pull out to motivate the kids and I can assure you they hate it as much as you’d think).

That ground-breaking book is now so old that you can pick up a copy for around $3 bucks. Let me tell you – it’s still worth a read. Especially if you have anxious kids or are an anxious type yourself. You know, I often consider that despite not feeling excessively anxious at any given moment, I am probably a very anxious person who over the years developed immensely good coping mechanisms due to my self-help addiction.

But I digress.

As none of us can concentrate on a book long enough to read, self-help books have now become wellbeing podcasts. Here are the ones I recommend everyone listen to. I have even got my kids listening to a few of these off and on.

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Smart and helpful wellbeing podcasts

1. Better Than Yesterday, with Osher Günsberg

Wellbeing podcasts - Better than Yesterday with Osher Gunsberg

Who knew that Andrew G from Australian Idol was going to become a national treasure? I didn’t pick it. He just seemed like an affable guy who was warmer than the other guy. Now we know better. Not only is Osher Günsberg warm and affable, he’s also insightful and generous. He’s shared his pain and crisis when dealing with anxiety in his book Back, After the Break (please, just read it). Then in 2013 he opened up further and encouraged the rest of us to do so too in this podcast. His guests are all there to help us “make today a little better than yesterday”. He also puts out a shortie each week where he checks in to share something new he’s discovered, usually about mental health.

Start with these episodes:

2. Trained by Nike

Trained by Nike is one of the best wellbeing podcasts

Ignore the fact that Trained by Nike is put out by a brand. It’s really, really good. Host Ryan Flaherty has an incredibly soothing voice. More than that, he is a very insightful interviewer who really pulls some gems out of the diverse industry experts he features. It’s all about fitness, of course, but it’s not just about being an athlete. The show discusses what they call the five pillars of fitness: Mindfulness, training, nutrition, sleep and recovery. So it pretty much covers your general health in a really accessible way. Believe me, I run a mile (in my head) from ‘go hard or go home’ fitness motivation, so this is not like that at all.

Start with these episodes:

3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

If you haven’t heard of Gretchen Rubin, you are probably wondering why you are reading a list of wellbeing podcasts in the first place. Gretchen is the self-help go-to – author of books like The Happiness Project, The Four Tendencies and, my favourite, Better Than Before (seriously, if you want to change your habits, buy this book!). She hosts Happier with Gretchen Rubin along with her sister Elizabeth Craft. They discuss recent developments in wellbeing and productivity and how to get along in the world. It’s been run in the same way for years and years and, if I’m honest, I only dip in and out these days. It got very samey-samey and increasingly about the hosts, rather than the research. BUT, don’t let that stop you dipping in yourself. I especially recommend the “Little Happier” shows – 4 mins on a useful life insight.

Start with these episodes:

4. Straight and Curly

One of my favourite wellbeing podcasts is Straight and Curly

Meet your two new besties, Kelly and Carly. These women are self-confessed “self improvement junkies” who share the latest research and insights into improving your life. On Straight and Curly cover everything from breaking habits, being more productive, taking care of your physical health and tips and tricks for staying true to yourself. I also happen to know that both of these women are just as wonderful in real life as they come across via the podcast. A really welcome addition to your wellbeing podcasts playlist!

Start with these episodes:

5. Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Feel Better Live More

I’m quite new to Feel Better, Live More, but I’m really enjoying it. Dr Chatterjee is a UK doctor, star of the BBC series A Doctor in the House and author of many books including Feel Better In 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life and The Four Pillar Plan: How To Relax, Eat, Move And Sleep Your Way To A Longer, Healthier Life. He’s also on a grand mission to “help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health.” I’m happy to be one of his 100 million patients… his podcast is entertaining, thoughtful and offers reputable information from expert guests. One small criticism: not surprisingly from a guy with such big ambitions, Dr Chatterjee sometimes needs to stop talking and listen more to what his guests have to say.

Start with these episodes:

6. The Slow Home Podcast

The Slow Home Podcast is in my top ten wellbeing podcasts

I’ve been following Brooke McAlary for years and have always loved what she has to say. She’s all about jumping off the treadmill and living life more purposefully. She’s the author of two books SLOW (which is pretty much my go-to gift for friends) and Destination Simple. Her podcast offers practical tips, tried-and-tested wisdom and a diverse range of guests that will help you slow down, live thoughtfully and question what you truly value.

Start with these episodes:

7. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella podcast

Ella Woodward is a whole foods, plant-based food phenomenon. There’s the hugely successful blog, the books (I have two: Deliciously Ella and Deliciously Ella Every Day – both very food splattered!) and this podcast, which she hosts with her husband and business partner Matthew Miles. Ella has an infectious enthusiasm for her guests and pretty much bombards them with questions. The podcast episodes therefore move along at a rapid pace – never boring, but sometimes a little overwhelming. Full of really useful tips about mental health, mindful eating and conscious living.

Start with these episodes:

8. Futuresteading

Futuresteading is new to the list of wellbeing podcasts

Billed as “a conversation about the future”, Futuresteading is a brand-new podcast in 2020. Hosts Jade Miles and Catie Payne deep-dive into thoughtful conversations with people who are trying to live more consciously – which is where I think wellbeing begins. I think coronavirus has us all considering what we can do differently to ensure a better future, and this podcast has many answers. It will also raise the kind of questions about values and lifestyle that you will feel compelled to discuss with your friends and family. Despite being a city dweller, I’m a huge fan of Jade Miles and the work she does for rural advocacy.

Start with these episodes:

9. The Good Life: Andrew Leigh in Conversation

The Good Life with Andrew Leigh

Andrew Leigh is a Labor MP, but this podcast isn’t political (much). Rather, it focuses on gathering wisdom on living a happier, healthier and more ethical life. He’s a terrific interviewer – offering insights but not monopolising the conversation – and he has access to some very impressive guests. So, random as it may seem for an Aussie pollie to moonlight as a wellbeing podcast presenter, The Good Life is most definitely worth your time.

Start with these episodes:

10. Art of Manliness Podcast

Art of Manliness podcast

Another seemingly random inclusion (see politician above). What’s a podcast that aims to “help men become better men” doing on a website for mums? Well, aside from the fact that many of us mums are raising boys to become better men, The Art of Manliness podcast is actually just a really good listen for us too. A few years ago I started listening to a few episodes that my husband had downloaded and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s an exceptionally well researched, interesting look at why people are the way we are.

Start with these episodes:

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Do you have other wellbeing podcasts to recommend?

Feature image  by Devon Divine; coffee and phone by Juja Han; all other images from podcasts.