Work for teens - benefits and cons of work for teens

10 benefits of work for teens (and a few cons too)

There are plenty of benefits of work for teens. Your kid has reached the minimum age for working (which is lower than you might think – check here), and they desperately want…

A quick guide to connecting with adolescents

A quick guide to connecting with teens and tweens

It’s like kids put on roller skates the minute they turn seven. One minute they’re calling us Mummy and telling us long-winded stories while we snuggle; next we blink and they’re calling…

Teen boys and hygiene

Teen boys and hygiene: Save us from the stink!

I think teen boys and hygiene can go one of two ways: obsessive use of deodorant and bathroom monopolisation. Or utter filth. There is no in-between. I’m not going to tell you…

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