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Tips for year 7 from older high school students

11 tips for Year 7 newbies from older high school kids

My youngest is starting high school in February, so I thought we’d gather some tips for Year 7 kids from older friends. It actually physically hurts me to write such a ridiculous…

Wish primary schools did differently

10 things I wish primary schools did differently

My third and last kid finishes primary school today. It’s a mixed bag of emotions, this end of an era. She is ready to move on and excited to start high school,…

1969 school photo

1969 called and it wants its school back

It’s way past time for society to work just as hard as mums and make the necessary changes to rise to meet the modern woman. Hello, Society, pleased to meet you, I’m…

Why cramming for exams isn't the best idea

Why cramming the night before an exam rarely works

The date for an important exam is looming. You know you have to study for it. Suddenly, it’s the evening before the dreaded date, and you feel like you haven’t studied enough,…

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