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Chicken satay burgers and a little pep talk

These chicken satay burgers are the flipping bomb. They’re the kind of thing you can make and keep in your freezer for busy work nights. They’ve been a saviour for me in…

Supermarket chicken recipes that take it to the next level #recipes #supermarketchicken #chicken #rotisserechicken

21 meals to make with a supermarket chook

You can’t go past supermarket chicken recipes for super-swift mid-week meals. The easiest one we know is, of course, this one: buy chook, make salad, serve. Dinner takes all of five minutes,…

Pizza quesadillas - super easy for the kids to make

These pizza quesadillas are genius

This is exactly the time of year that I’d rather be doing anything other than cooking dinner. Which is why this pizza quesadillas recipe is so sneaky-genius. Despite it being the busiest…

Katsudon – a delicious Japanese favourite

I shared our absolute favourite family dinner recipe ideas earlier in the week. Last night we enjoyed Katsudon – a recipe that has a few different steps, but is so worth it for the…

Chilli tuna tagliatelle with lemon and asparagus

Chilli tuna tagliatelle with lemon and asparagus

I have to confess, before I came up with this amazing tuna tagliatelle recipe, my pasta repertoire in the past tended to go something like this: Spag bog, spag bog and spag…

Mac and cheese - the best dish for a little comfort-food

Mac and cheese recipe (comfort-food at its finest)

Mac and cheese just screams comfort, doesn’t it? It’s got just the right amount of carby, creamy goodness that is so satisfying to tuck into. I’ve kinda-sorta made my Mac and cheese…

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