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Can you be happy and busy at the same time

Can you really be happy and busy at the same time?

While impatiently sitting in my car at a set of lights, after rushing from the supermarket, to pick the kids up from school and then off again to someone’s sports practise, I…

Make birthdays special - loads of low cost ideas to make your kid's birthday special #birthdays #celebrate #parenting

44 low-cost magical ways to make birthdays special

We love parties. Love them. Love them, love them, love them. Over the years we’ve held many fun parties that make birthdays speical, but the kids are older now. Most of the…

Change the way I do things

7 things I’ve changed to give me better mum life balance

By the end of last year, I felt totally depleted and fatigued by doing all the things that we mothers do.  The mothering, the schooling,  the working, the cooking, the washing, the…

Happiness hacks that really make a difference

4 quick happiness hacks that really make a difference

These happiness hacks have been gleaned from the World Happiness Report, a comprehensive study that ranks 156 countries by their reported happiness levels. The report is released annually and joins a long…

Mindfulness for kids - how to practise mindfulnes with your older kids

Why mindfulness for kids is more than just a buzzword

The idea of “mindfulness for kids” has been floated around for a while now (no pun intended!). The Smiling Mind app has been an entry into mindfulness for kids for many Australian…

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