Tips for year 7 from older high school students

11 tips for Year 7 newbies from older high school kids

My youngest is starting high school in February, so I thought we’d gather some tips for Year 7 kids from older friends. It actually physically hurts me to write such a ridiculous…

Wish primary schools did differently

10 things I wish primary schools did differently

My third and last kid finishes primary school today. It’s a mixed bag of emotions, this end of an era. She is ready to move on and excited to start high school,…

8 Funny books for kids aged 8+

8 new(ish) funny books for kids age 8+

Kids love funny books. We know this because the top 10 bestsellers in the 8+ market every year invariably contain a high percentage of fun, humorous reads. We asked young book reviewer…

Card games kids love just as much as screens

6 card games kids love just as much as screens

Getting my tween and teens off screens and into other things is a well-known preoccupation of mine. I don’t hate screens, I just don’t love the amount of time my kids want…

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