8 Funny books for kids aged 8+

8 new(ish) funny books for kids age 8+

Kids love funny books. We know this because the top 10 bestsellers in the 8+ market every year invariably contain a high percentage of fun, humorous reads. We asked young book reviewer…

Modibodi review - the RED range makes it easy for young girls to manage their periods.

Review: Why we love Modibodi undies

It’s no secret from the headline: we love Modibodi at our place. One of my daughters has started her period (and the other is mysteriously looking forward to it). Before I bought…

Unparenting - stepping back so the kids can show us they're alright

Life got sweeter when I trialled unparenting

“Not everything is a teachable moment,” my son growled at me from the back of the car. “You know you can stop parenting all the time, don’t you? You could try… unparenting!”…

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