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Free printable advent kindness calendar - spread the love

Advent kindness calendar for older kids [free printable]

Deck the halls! Or at least the living room! Christmas officially kicks off on 1 December with the advent calendar. This year, instead of the usual advent chocolate box, I’m urging you…

Merry Christmas Fruit Tingle wrappers

Merry Christmas lifesaver wrappers (an awesome class gift)

Here’s a cute idea for a small Christmas gift for the class: Merry Christmas lifesaver wrappers. These fizzing, fun little fruit lollies sure beat a candy cane (does anyone actually like candy…

Hilarious jokes for tweens - many new jokes for tweens

50 hilarious jokes for tweens [free printable]

I confess I’ve been laughing and groaning away as I put this collection of jokes for tweens together. Jokes are fun for everyone but tweens especially LOVE jokes because not only do…

Family conversation dinners can help you connect

When the kids get older (and busier and surlier), it becomes harder and harder to sit down for a family dinner together. I get that, I do. But I also get that…

Pokemon party free printables

Pokemon Party free printables

It turned out to be easy and fun to host a great Pokemon party. To make it even easier for you, here are Pokemon party free printables of everything we used at…

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