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Kids, turn off phone notifications and take back your time

Our #1 rule for our kids’ mobile use

This is a really simple phone rule for kids, but it surprises me how many families don’t make it mandatory. Let me tell you, it’s non-negotiable at our place. If my kids…

TED Talks for parenting teens #tedtalks #parentingteens #parenting

16 powerful TED talks for parenting teens

I’ve watched 100s of inspiring TED Talks and I’ve chosen these ones as being the best TED Talks for parenting teens. It is so, so easy to lose our way when the…

80s movies to watch with your kids - ultimate list of over 75 80s movies that will take you back in time.

75+ 80s movies you need to watch with your kids

Like many people in their 40s I love returning to the era of my teenage years, enjoying 80s movies, music and TV shows.  I grew up in NYC and live in Australia,…

Tips for reading school reports with your kid

Why you should read school reports with your kids

As an ex-teacher, I’m constantly surprised how many parents don’t read school reports with their kids! If you knew how much blood, sweat, tears and effort goes into putting those reports together……

How to set boundaries on Fortnite and other video games

How to set boundaries on Fortnite and other video games

There’s a lot of talk in the media lately about ‘gaming addiction’, spurred on by the game Fortnite. Kids are stealing credit cards,  screaming like toddlers, wetting themselves and failing school. Schools are…

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