Easter lunch ideas - delicious starters, mains and desserts for a simple Easter lunch

14 easy-going dishes to make for Easter lunch

I’ve unexpectedly found myself hosting Easter lunch this year. I’m in no way, shape or form religious, so I have no expectations of what one should or shouldn’t serve at Easter lunch.…

Pear and zucchini muffins - full of goodness

Wholesome pear and zucchini muffins recipe

I was going to make some good ol’ zucchini slice for lunch one weekend, but I didn’t get around to it. I think we had 2-Minute Noodles instead, which basically just left me with mum…

Awesomuesli blend - a delicious granola blend you can make yourself #granola #muesli

Awesomuesli muesli blend for a delicious start to the day

This awesomuesli muesli blend is fantastic in muesli cookies. Or you can add some milk for breakfast. Sprinkle it over ice cream for dessert. Or throw a handful into a smoothie. It’s…

Carrot and quinoa muffins recipe #recipe #muffins #quinoa

Extra-delicious carrot and quinoa muffins

I went through a stage of adding quinoa to just about everything. I’m a massive fan. The kids loved it (no, they didn’t). This carrot and quinoa muffins recipe was born during…

Supermarket chicken recipes that take it to the next level #recipes #supermarketchicken #chicken #rotisserechicken

21 meals to make with a supermarket chook

You can’t go past supermarket chicken recipes for super-swift mid-week meals. The easiest one we know is, of course, this one: buy chook, make salad, serve. Dinner takes all of five minutes,…

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