Simple choc chip slice - ready in a jiffy

Simple choc chip slice – ready in a jiffy

This simple choc chip slice recipe is for the days when you want an afternoon snack, but you really couldn’t be bothered. That’s not to say it’s not amazingly yummy and moreish,…

Choc bliss balls - the easiest pick me up imaginable

Healthy choc bliss balls make a great pick-me-up

You know when you’re craving something sweet but you know if you break open a block of chocolate you’re a gonner? Or is that just me? Ha! Anyway, these healthy choc bliss…

Lentil cottage pie - an easy, everyday recipe the family will love

Everyone needs a good lentil cottage pie recipe

I’ve got a little vegetarian at home, so we regularly eat vego. Added to that, she won’t eat any of the processed ‘meat like’ vegetarian products, so if I’m not cooking meat-free…

Apricot bliss balls - easy to make and utterly delicious

Healthy flaxseed and apricot bliss balls recipe (delish!)

These flaxseed and apricot bliss balls are just the ticket when you need a little pick-me-up. I’m trying not to eat between meals right now, but the 4 o’clock slump gets me…

Triple chocolate chocolate chip muffins - such a great treat

Fudgy triple chocolate chocolate chip muffins

Oh my, these triple chocolate chip muffins are GOOD. We’re not talking ‘coasting through’ good, either. We’re talking A+, here’s your medal, thanks for working hard GOOD. Like my subtle end-of-year results…

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