21 gifts for teens they won't hate

21+ unreal gifts for teens they won’t hate

Right now it’s the #1 question we’re getting asked via messages to our Facebook page and Facebook group: what are the best gifts for teens for Christmas? We’ve had aunties, family friends,…

Aussie Elf on the Shelf beach idea

5 you beaut Aussie Elf on the Shelf ideas

I can’t believe I just wrote “you beaut” – apologies. I just get a tad over-excited when I’m given the means to Australianise anything to do with Christmas. Indeed, these Aussie Elf…

Christmas with older kids can be fun

How to squeeze more joy into Christmas with older kids

We love those pesky kids, but Chrismas with older kids can be a lot less joyful than we remember. Gone is the little kid innocence, the willingness to help, the eager letters…

Make birthdays special - loads of low cost ideas to make your kid's birthday special #birthdays #celebrate #parenting

44 low-cost magical ways to make birthdays special

We love parties. Love them. Love them, love them, love them. Over the years we’ve held many fun parties that make birthdays speical, but the kids are older now. Most of the…

DIY Felt Christmas Baubles for the kids to make

DIY felt Christmas baubles for the kids to make

I’m feeling a little bit proud. I just taught 27 Year 3 students how to do a running stitch so that they could DIY felt Christmas baubles for home. I love encouraging…

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