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Parenting stages you never get over

You never get over some stages of parenting

Autumn of 2013. My eldest was nine years old, middle almost eight, youngest just turned six. All three were in primary school. We were allegedly smack-bang in the golden parenting stages. If…

When your daughter gets her first period

What it’s like when your daughter gets her first period

I’ve spent the last year or so in trepidation, wondering what it’s like when your daughter gets her first period. Well, suddenly now I know. Yup, it happened here on the weekend.…

Ladybird and boys

Thanks Ladybird, for the real AF first-sex scene

I went and saw Ladybird at the movies with my son. “Don’t call it a date night,” he shrieked when I called it a date night for the 47th time. “But it’s…

Puberty vs Perimenopause

Puberty vs Perimenopause: Let’s get ready to rumble

I’ve spent years researching and writing about the ‘perfect age’ to have kids (spoiler: there isn’t one), but there is one angle that has only just become apparent to me. As someone…

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