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DIY paper Christmas baubles to make for friends

DIY paper Christmas baubles to make for friends

The middle of a muddy field isn’t where craftspiration usually strikes, but that’s exactly where I found the inspo for these paper Christmas baubles. Let me explain.

Each year we often go to the Murrumbateman Field Days. Basically it is a couple of fields covered in tents selling all kinds of farm related stuff. My husband was in heaven checking out night vision scopes for his gun, and then new guns to go with the night vision scope.

As a dutiful wife I went along (it must be love!), but to tell the truth, I’m not really interested in electric fences, or post pulling out attachments for the tractor. Fortunately across from the hunting accessories stand was a paper craft stand. It was a little out of place, but I was grateful for a respite from the farm stuff. In the stand I saw that they had made all these handmade paper Christmas baubles. Naturally enough, I thought I would have a go at making some myself.

DIY paper Christmas baubles

You will need

Some double sided card (I used scrap booking papers)
2 small split pins
10cm of thread

To make

Cut 3 strips approximately 1.2 cm wide and 20-30 cm long (depending on how big you want the bauble to be).
Cut the paper into even strips

Use a needle to poke small hole near the end of each strip, then bend it around and poke a hole in the other end to form a loop. Repeat with the remaining strips.

Push the needle through all the layers

Remove the needle and then thread a split pin through the hole. Split the pin to hold the loops together.

DIY Christmas baubles you can craft at home

Turn the bauble over, line up the 3 loops and push the needle through to make a small hole. Remove the needle then push the second split pin through and split it to hold the loops together.

Tie the string together to form a loop and then slip it under the split pin to form a hanger.

My husband came home with an electric fence, some miscellaneous tools, a box of baby fish for the dam, and a new hat. I came home with an idea for another Christmas craft. So we both had a win!