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My daughter has no friends and it's like a stigma

My daughter has no friends and I don’t know why

My name is Rebecca, and I’m the mum of one of “those kids”. The ones who don’t ever seem to fit in with all the other kids at school. My daughter has…

A mum home alone - image by Annie Spratt

It took me 10 years, but I’m finally home alone

Stop the presses: I’m a mum home alone. I’m not even kidding, for the past 24 hours not one person has asked me for anything. Actually, that’s not quite accurate, yesterday afternoon…

Parenting teens - "I was part of the problem"

Parenting teens: “I was part of the problem”

It can be hard to accept as an adult parenting teens that perhaps you are part of the problem. The ‘problem’ being the repetitive arguments that start with a niggle (bedroom a…

Dear kids - I'm just really tired

I’m just really tired right now, okay?

I’m sorry, kids, for being cranky. I’m sorry for being frustrated and swearing under my breath (more than usual). I’m sorry for snapping at you for little things and yelling at you…

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