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16 hobbies for teens in lockdown and beyond

16 hobbies for teens in lockdown and beyond

Here in Sydney, we are well into our second lockdown for this pandemic. With no end in sight, all the days have begun to look extremely similar. So, it’s time to fix this the only way I know how… trying new things!! If you’re also ready to get out of the lockdown slump and try out a new something new, check out one of these hobbies for teens.

I’ve separated the hobbies into five categories: creative, active, and cognitive with five ideas in each.

The ideas also range in price, which is indicated by the amount ‘$-$$$’ symbols under the name. This is just a general idea of the price, and most of these hobbies can be achieved at a low cost or a higher cost depending on personal preference.

Remember to follow all the necessary COVID-19 rules and regulations for your area. That might mean you are restricted as to whether you can or can’t do some of these hobbies. Most you’ll be able to take up, regardless of restrictions, but do check.

Each of the hobbies for teens ideas below is linked to our Toolbox for Teens Hobbies Pinterest Board. We’ll continue to regularly update our boards, so keep checking back for more inspiration.

Creative hobbies for teens

1. Knitting/Crocheting


I know winter is over, but that’s the best time to take up a ‘wool-based’ hobby because all of the supplies you need are on sale! Knitting and crocheting are two very diverse activities that can be used for anything from making stuffed toys to jumpers to blankets to granny squares for charity.

Crocheting was easy for me to take up, but knitting not so much as it is a little more complex. Nothing a few YouTube videos can’t fix though!

For this activity, all you will need is a crochet hook/knitting needles (sizing depends on your wool), wool/yarn of your choosing, and optional stitch marker, yarn needle, or embroidery floss depending on the project.

Check out the knitting and crocheting section of our Pinterest board for fun and simple project ideas!!

2. Cross Stitching/ Embroidery


Cross Stitching and embroidery are very similar in the type of things you can make, but they are very different when it comes to the look and aesthetic of a finished product. Both types of stitching can be used to create beautiful and intricate artworks. They require very similar materials so they are relatively interchangeable.

For this activity, you will need an embroidery hoop, fabric (use one of these for cross-stitch), a needle (preferably a thinner one for embroidery especially), and embroidery floss.

Check out the cross-stitch and embroidery section of the ‘hobbies to take up in isolation’ Pinterest board for some project ideas!

Fun hobbies for teens - embroidery

3. Bracelet making


Bracelet making is a great activity to try because you barely need any supplies. There are also plenty of other projects you can make that fall under the same name, like bookmarks, keyrings, and wall hangings.

All you’ll need is embroidery floss, sticky tape, and a flat surface! Though you can simply use a table or desk, I find using a clipboard with stilts cut in the bottom is a great option. It makes your project fully portable. It’s also great if your project is taking a little longer than you would like as having string stuck to your desk for an extended period gets annoying. A clipboard is also a great way to organise your strings when working.

Check out the bracelet-making section of the ‘hobbies to take up in isolation’ Pinterest board for some project ideas.

4. Sewing


Sewing is a great option if you are interested in making your own clothes, bags, or even pillows.  Sewing machines can be quite pricey, but you could always start with the cheaper option of hand sewing. It’s a great hobby too!

For this, you will need fabric, a sewing machine/needle, and thread.

Here’s the sewing section of the Pinterest board with some project ideas.

5. Drawing


This is one of the most accessible hobbies for teens around. Drawing is a great skill to have, and an enjoyable hobby too! Although it may look challenging, if you practice often you’re sure to find your style quickly and it’s heaps of fun!

All you’ll need to get started is some paper and a pencil/pen. But if you really love it, consider investing in more art supplies to play with.

Check out the drawing section of our Pinterest board for some inspiration.

6. Photography


Photography is another hobby that is extremely versatile and incredibly fun. As well as taking photos, you can also edit them in very creative ways or just with a filter to add a little something extra.

For this, you could just use your phone, a disposable camera, or a second-hand camera from an op-shop. You could also get a proper camera if you wanted, but that will push the cost of this hobby into the very expensive. Have a go with your phone first, and see if you really like it enough to invest in a DSLR camera.

We’ve got a photography section on our board for some filter ideas and creative photo setups!

Photography is one of the best hobbies for teens

Athletic hobbies for teens

7. Mountain biking/ bike riding


Mountain biking was huge last year (2020), and it still is! There are plenty of tracks and parks to check out. Or you could even build some practice jumps in your backyard. Bike riding has always been popular, it can be a very efficient way to get places. But it can also be really exciting and challenging.

For this, you’ll need a bike (or a mountain bike) and a place to ride. Once you’ve bought your bike, this is a very low cost hobby as you can ride most tracks for free.

Look at the bike riding section for tips and inspiration.

8. Skateboarding/ roller-blading


Roller-blading/skating has made a major come back in 2021 and skateboarding has always been popular. Both activities/sports look very intimidating to start, but there are plenty of beginner tips, tricks, and tutorials to get you started for both.

You will need a skateboard or a pair of roller skates/blades and either a flat surface (like a quiet road or a basketball court) or a skatepark when you get better. Just as with mountain or road biking, once you’ve bought your equipment, there are no ongoing costs to keep going.

Here’s the skating section to get you started.

Hobbies for teens in lockdown - skateboarding

9. Running/Swimming


I know running or swimming may not seem like a ‘hobby’ at first, but you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable it can be. It’s good for your fitness, mental health and you may even have fun.

All you’ll need to run is you, a pair of good shoes and somewhere to run! A good place to start running is to download the C25K app (that’s the “coach to five kilometres”) to start you off slowly and safely.

To swim you’ll need swimmers and a deepish body of water. Hopefully you live near a river, lake or beach, or have a pool in your backyard. Otherwise laps at your local paid swimming pool are always an option.

Have a look at the running/swimming section for some tips and tricks.

10. Pilates/yoga


I know there’s a lot of “old people” stigma around Pilates and yoga, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go! Both are really good for your body and mind, and both can be extremely challenging as well.

There are plenty of YouTube channels, and other blogs that walk you through routines from beginner to advanced, and some even have challenges for you to participate in. For Pilates, either The Balanced Life or Go Chlo Pilates are a good place to start. For Yoga, it has to be Yoga with Adriene.

To get started, all you’ll need is yourself, a routine to follow and enough space. You may require other equipment for certain routines, but that will be optional.

Here is our Pilates/Yoga section to get you started!

11. Skipping/hula hooping


Skipping and hula hooping may sound like all fun and games, and it definitely can be (here are some jump rope games). But it is also really good for your cardio, and you can learn some really cool tricks and routines too. Check out this:

To make skipping or hula hooping your hobby, you’ll will need a skipping rope or a hula-hoop, yourself, and PLENTY of space away from other people and fragile objects.

Check out the Skipping and hula hooping section of our Pinterest board for plenty of inspiration.

Cognitive hobbies for teens

12. Writing


Writing is a great hobby to take up because it is so versatile, you could write poetry, stories, speeches, or even songs. It is also a great way to express yourself and your emotions using plots, characters, and situations. Remember all those fake situations you keep coming up with every night when you should be sleeping, well there’s your first story idea!

For this, all you’ll need is something you can write on/with, and an idea. There are plenty of writing prompts to help you with that here: 30 cool creative writing ideas for kids and teens

Here’s the writing section for some ideas and tips to get started creative writing.

13. Online learning


There are plenty of sites to get courses for free to learn skills and try something new. Or you can pay for courses if there is something really specific you want to give a go! You can learn about people skills, languages, potential career options, or even… random hobbies for teens to try! There are some great ideas here: 40+ free online activities for older kids

And look on the Online learning section for more course ideas.

14. Reading


Although reading may seem boring, it’s possible that you’ve just been reading the wrong books (you know, the ones from the 14th Centruy that your teacher gives you).

Once you find a type of book/genre that you really enjoy, reading can be one of the greatest things you do for your mind (it also helps with writing!). All you’ll need is a good book and a comfy spot!

Here or our top 10 favourite books for some ideas 🙂. Or check out 16 awesome book series for reluctant readers of all ages and 16+ must-read books both girls and boys like.

Or there are some more recommendations in our Reading section.

Reading is a really good hobby

15. Play an instrument


Maybe you already play an instrument, or maybe you’re looking to try one out (or maybe you gave up in Year 3). Either way, learning an instrument is a great way to spend your time, and it’s lots of fun too… depending on the instrument. Personally, I would not recommend clarinet, but the ukulele is fun.

For this, you’ll need an instrument of choice, a song to play/a way to learn, and preferably a soundproof room (or the bottom of the garden) for when you’re just starting! (kidding :D) (Sort of.)

Check out our Pinterest Music section for some easy songs and tips to help you learn!

16. Coding


Coding is an awesome skill to have and it can help you find job opportunities, if that is your focus! There are plenty of websites (this one is my favourite!) to learn any coding language you want. There are also heaps of free text editors to get you started (this is the one I use).

All you’ll need is a laptop and a text editor!

Check out the Coding section of our Pinterest board for some beginner projects and tips!

This article Hobbies for teens was originally published on Toolbox for Teens – a blog for teens written by teens. Check out the site for more fun ideas from Ari and Ches.

Feature image by Jornada Produtora; embroidery by Toa Heftiba; photography by Kornél Máhl; skateboard by Adrien Vajas; reading by Fabiola Peñalba