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10 really good lunchbox bliss balls recipes

10 really good lunchbox bliss balls recipes

When did bliss balls become a thing? Because that was a very good thing indeed. As this list of lunchbox bliss balls will prove, rolling stuff into balls is a great way to get kids to pop nutrition into their mouths like lollies.

Of course, you may look at these lunchbox bliss balls recipes and think: I have neither the time nor inclination to do all that ridiculous rolling. In which case, rest assured that any of these recipes can be made into a super-quick slice instead. Just press the ingredients into a slice tin, refrigerate until almost hard, cut into squares and you’re done.

Just know that a square of slice is somehow not as satisfying to eat as a ball of something. Lunchbox bliss balls are therefore worth the rolling bother…

NB: Many of these lunchbox bliss balls recipes contain nuts, so please check with your school regarding their nut policy. Be sure to not bring nuts of any kind to school if they are banned at your school.

10 lunchbox bliss balls

1. Strawberry bliss balls

Strawberry bliss balls recipe

Image: Maxabella

These moreish balls are made from a mere four ingredients, but they pack a punch. Fresh strawberries, coconut, oats and coconut oil are all you need. You can also pack in other goodies like chia seeds, acai powder, maca powder, pepita, flax or LSA. These bliss balls go best in an insulated lunchbag, especially in summer.

2. Nutrition-packed ‘chocolate’ balls

Lunchbox bliss balls that taste amazing

Image: Maxabella

Our very favourites. I make these a lot because my family love them to bits – perhaps because they taste like chocolate, even though there is none in sight. Luckily there is plenty of nutrition jammed into these little rounds.

3. Apple pie oat bliss balls

Kidgredients apple pie bliss balls

Image: Kylie Archer

Yum, yum these apple pie balls from Kidgredients are so good. Five ingredients whizz into bliss balls that keep for a week in the fridge and an afternoon in the tum. That’s due to the slow-release energy from dried fruit and oats.

4. Pistachio matcha bliss balls

Cook Republic's pistachio and matcha balls

Image: Sneh Roy

So often I turn to a Cook Republic recipe, and this one is right at the top of the list. Obviously check the nut policy at your school before packing these pistachio balls. If all okay, your kids are going to love this healthy treat for recess.

5. Apricot bliss balls

Apricot bliss balls - easy to make and utterly delicious

Image: Maxabella

These flaxseed and apricot bliss balls are just the ticket for a little recess pick-me-up. They are surprisingly filling and one is often enough, even for a teen. We’ve tried this recipe with half apricot, half dried apple and it worked well – just add a little extra coconut oil to bind.

6. Chocolate crackle bliss balls

Chocolate crackle bliss balls

Image: Maxabella

I always joke about how much these bliss balls look like poo… which I should probably stop doing, LOL. They do, but they’re not! Rather, they are as delicious as a traditional chocolate crackle, but with so much more healthy nutrition.

7. Choc hazelnut buckwheat balls

Greer Worsley's lunchbox bliss balls

Image: Greer Worsley

Greer Worsley knows how to pack goodness into unsuspecting packages. If nuts are okay at your kids’ school, then these little lunchbox bliss balls are perfect for snacking.

8. ‘Choc’ bliss balls

Choc bliss balls - the easiest pick me up imaginable

This is how to treat the kids without actually giving them sweets. These whole food balls are truly delicious, so feel free to leave the processed food on the shelf. Your kids will thank you for it!

9. Peanut butter date balls

Date balls with a hint of chilli - superb

Image: Maxabella

These addicting date balls with a kick of chilli are utterly delicious. They are quite a healthy snack choice too. Of course, you can omit the chilli if that’s not something your kid is into. Mine love it!

10. Lemon coconut energy balls

lemon bliss balls from Natalie's Kitchen

Image: Natalie’s Kitchen

Let’s end on a lemony note. A lemon note provided by a health and wellness coach Natalie’s Health. Her lemon balls are satisfyingly lemony without the overload of sugar that lemon recipes often call for. Instead, you get a ball of goodness that you’ll feel happy packing into your kids’ lunchboxes each day. Enjoy!

What are your favourite lunchbox bliss balls recipes?