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10 really good lunchbox muffins recipes

10 really good lunchbox muffins recipes

I fully believe that lunchbox muffins are an integral part of baking. Done right, muffins add a nutritious, satisfying boost to the lunchbox

When I was a kid, muffins weren’t a thing (yes, I am 105 years old). There was cake and there were bread-like English muffins and that was that. Then the American concept came to shore and our love of muffins exploded from there.

I’m not talking about the ‘cakes’ you buy from the supermarket that masquerade as muffins. Those giants are packed full of sugar and promises. Rather, when you make lunchbox muffins yourself, you can put in loads of good nutrition that even fussy kids will devour. Muffins are portable, too, so a kid can munch on their recess while they get active with mates. Win, win.

Try one, two or ten of these beauties in your kid’s lunchbox and see how they go. All of them are make-ahead, which means you can bake, freeze and pop into the lunchboxes when you need them.

10 lunchbox muffins to pack


1. Pear and zucchini muffins

Pear and zucchini muffins - full of goodness

Image: Maxabella

Forget the lunchboxes, I’m actually craving one of these muffins for me right now. If you don’t have any pears, apples work just as well. Definitely don’t skip the zucchini, though, as they give the muffins a lovely texture and moistness. Am I allowed to say the word moist when referring to muffins? Eek, not sure!

2. Honey and carrot lunchbox muffins

Honey and carrot muffins #recipe #muffins

Image: Maxabella

Lower in sugar with added pumpkin and carrot, these muffins are delicious. Wholemeal flour packs in the good slow-release carbs and there’s even a little spice for a recess pick-me-up.

3. Vegie ricotta muffins

Vegie ricotta muffins from The Feel-Good Family Food Plan

Image: Alan Benson

This recipe is by Dr Joanna McMillan and Melissa Clark. Dr McMillan is one of Australia’s most trusted nutritionists, so you know you’re getting something good to feed your kids. These lunchbox muffins are grab-and-go nutrition at its best.

4. Cheese and vegetable muffins

Goodie Goodie Lunchbox muffins

Image: Goodie Goodie Lunchbox

Goodie Goodie Lunchbox lunchbox muffins are proof that ‘healthy’ can taste like a treat. We make these muffins a lot for lunchboxes and they travel really well. The recipe has zucchini, carrot, onion and capsicum, but we’ve also made them with broccoli and finely-diced pumpkin.

5. Spinach muffins

Spinach lunchbox muffins by Green Kitchen Stories

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

I’m a big fan of Green Kitchen Stories and, in particular, their muffin recipes. They are simply bursting with flavour and goodness. Their fresh spinach muffins are a great place to start. Incidentally, they authored one of my favourite ever family cookbooks.

6. Ham, corn and cheese muffins

Bake Play Smile's savoury lunchbox muffins

Image: Bake Play Smile

These muffins from Bake Play Smile are full of good protein. To up the nutrition, I make them using wholemeal flour and they work perfectly. Lucy has plenty more great lunchbox muffins options here.

7. Maple-sweetened banana muffins

Cookie and Kate's maple-sweetened banana muffins

Image: Cookie and Kate

One of the best things we can do for our kids is to feed them wholefoods. So, consider these banana muffins the wholefood version of cakey, overly sweet banana bread. We make these a lot and I can attest that they taste even better with a handful of blueberries tossed into the mix.

8. Carrot and quinoa muffins

Carrot and quinoa muffins recipe #recipe #muffins #quinoa

Image: Maxabella

This is one of my go-to muffin recipes as I usually have all the ingredients hanging around in the pantry-slash-fridge. They take no time at all to whip up, and probably even less time to eat.

9. Sweet potato muffins

Greer Worsley's sweet potato lunchbox muffins

Image: Greer Worsley

My mate Greer Worsley is a wonder in the kitchen and a wonderful mum to boot. Fitting that her veggie-filled lunchbox muffins are utterly delightful. Her muffins using canned fruit recipe is also a good ‘un.

10. Strawberry coconut muffins

Cook Republic's strawberry coconut muffins for the lunchbox

Image: Sneh Roy

Sneh from Cook Republic is one of my very favourite food bloggers. I’ve never made a recipe from her site that hasn’t been unbelievably good (and, over the years, I’ve made loads and loads). Add these whole food strawberry and coconut muffins to your kids’ lunchbox rotation quick smart. And make sure you save a few just for you! Such a sweet note to end this lovely list on.

Do you have a few favourite lunchbox muffins recipes to share?