Aussie Elf on the Shelf beach idea

5 you beaut Aussie Elf on the Shelf ideas

I can’t believe I just wrote “you beaut” – apologies. I just get a tad over-excited when I’m given the means to Australianise anything to do with Christmas. Indeed, these Aussie Elf…

8 Funny books for kids aged 8+

8 new(ish) funny books for kids age 8+

Kids love funny books. We know this because the top 10 bestsellers in the 8+ market every year invariably contain a high percentage of fun, humorous reads. We asked young book reviewer…

My daughter has no friends and it's like a stigma

My daughter has no friends and I don’t know why

My name is Rebecca, and I’m the mum of one of “those kids”. The ones who don’t ever seem to fit in with all the other kids at school. My daughter has…

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