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8 Funny books for kids aged 8+

8 new(ish) funny books for kids age 8+

Kids love funny books. We know this because the top 10 bestsellers in the 8+ market every year invariably contain a high percentage of fun, humorous reads. We asked young book reviewer…

Welcome to Your Period by Yumi Stynes and Melissa Kang

Welcome to Your Period book review

Yumi Stynes is one of those capable people who do all kinds of things well. She’s now written Welcome to Your Period, a book about, you guessed it, starting your period. The…

Starting your period - 5 books to inform and support

6 good books about starting your period

Can you imagine what it was like starting your period back in the days when nobody talked about periods? Perhaps you would wake in the night to blood-soaked sheets and the thought…

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