Deck the halls! Or at least the living room! Christmas officially kicks off on 1 December with the advent calendar. This year, instead of the usual advent chocolate box, I’m urging you to try a kindness calendar.

I first made a Christmas kindness calendar when my kids were much smaller. But this version is made especially for older kids. It’s the perfect way to get them thinking about what the season is really about (and yes, it’s partly about chocolates, but not really…)

Now, here’s where we can get into a big debate about the religious origins of Christmas. We are not going to do that. Not when we’re here for kindness. Boil down all the religions of the world, no matter where they are, and I reckon being kind to others (and to yourself) is the most basic principle of all.

So, enjoy your free advent calendar and spread that good cheer and gratefulness wherever you go. Sprinkle it around like glitter!

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Free kindness calendar for advent

Advent Kindness Calendar - free printable. Loads of ideas for spreading kindness this Christmas. #advent #adventcalendar #freeprintable

Click on the image to download and print the kindness calendar.

If your kids follow the calendar, some of the kindness your child will be spreading includes:

•  Putting a gift under a local wishing tree
• Baking a cake for a neighbour
•  Making all the beds in the house
•  Complimenting a sibling
•  Leaving a kindness stone (or maybe they will leave several)
•  Volunteering their time
•  Making their mum a Milo (thank you very much)

Blank kindness calendar so you can add your own

You can also print a blank calendar here. Just in case you want to fill out your own kindness ideas. Some of my ideas might not suit you, or perhaps you’ve got some great things to add (in which case, please share them in the comments for all of us!!!)

More kindness ideas to add:

•  Leaving a small gift for the garbos on top of the rubbish bin (word of warning: they may not see it!!)
•  Donating pocket money to a charity
•  Singing Christmas carols at a retirement village
•  Donating food to a food drive
•  Giving the bus driver a chocolate bar
•  Giving a gift to a homeless person
•  Writing a thank you note to a house with lovely Christmas lights
•  Babysitting so a mum and/or dad can have a night out
•  Walking a dog from a dog shelter
•  Giving clothes to a charity store

Merry almost-Christmas to you and your darling kids.

Reckon you’ll try the kindness calendar? Or still prefer the chocolates? You could do both!

Main image by Beatriz Pérez Moya

Bron Maxabella


Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here.

Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

  1. I love this idea Bron! For the past few years I have been creating an advent calendar that instead of supplying just chcolate (nothing wrong with it!), it provides memories for us and becomes a tradition.

    Some ideas I include are: baking christmas shortbread, making a gingerbread house, creating christmas craft, writing a letter to Santa, donating pre-loved toys to Vinnies or Salvos, going out to see the christmas lights in the neighbourhood, decorating the tree, writing/drawing christmas cards for family & friends etc. 🙂

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