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A Banishing Spell for teen witches by Fiona Horne

A Banishing Spell for teen witches by Fiona Horne

A banishing spell may be just what your teen needs to centre themselves and find a way through emotional upheaval. Fiona Horne is Australia’s best known and much-loved expert in the Art of Modern Witchcraft. She’s recently released a book on witchcraft for teens. Teen Magick is a guide for a new generation offering inspiring insight and guidance for teen witches as they navigate our rapidly-changing world dominated by social media and technology. 

“Let your intuition guide you. Feel connected and grateful – and then your magickal powers will truly blossom in an exciting and uniquely ‘You’ way,” encourages Fiona. You can read more about her journey to becoming a witch and her advice to the parents of teen witches here.

The following is a banishing spell offered by Fiona when asked what teens can do to negate peer pressure and general bitchiness on social media and beyond. It’s a helpful ritual that will encourage teens to focus on the issues, own their part in them and let go of anger and frustration.

Banishing spell

A spell by Fiona Horne

If you have cleaned up your side of the street and are still experiencing negativity and bitchiness from others, then do a banishing spell.

You will need:

  • 1 lead pencil
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 piece of white paper.

Write the name of the person (or their online tag) on the piece of paper with the pencil.

A banishing spell can help teens find centre

Look at the name and let all the feelings of frustration and anger build up in you.  When you feel like you are going to explode (magick works with the intent you fuel it) start erasing their name backwards.  Slowly and methodically from the end back to the beginning.  As you do this say:

“I banish you from hurting me, my power multiplied by sacred three:

By 1 This is done

By 2 It comes true

By 3 So mote it be.”

When the person’s name is erased, fold the paper three times and kiss it saying:

“I forgive you and I release you.”

Burn the paper and turn the ashes into dirt.

Walk away without looking back and to seal the spell make an offering to Mother Nature for love and balance in the world.  Plant an indigenous flowering bush, pick up rubbish from the beach or a local park, commit to eating local organic food.

Do you think a Banishing Spell would be emotionally helpful?

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Feature image by Sincerely Media; writing by Ava Sol 

Gerald Anthony Barra

Sunday 28th of February 2021

I would loveto try this