Why mums stop talking about parenting

10 reasons why mums stop talking about parenting

There’s a very clear reason why we launched Mumlyfe in February 2018: mums stop talking about parenting. There’s just not a lot being said about parenting the over fives out there. It…

13 things I want my 13 year old daughter to know

13 things I want my 13 year old girl to know

My eldest daughter is soon to turn 13 years old. It feels like a big milestone for a girl, even though just yet she isn’t at all interested in growing up. Where…

Cyberbullying - preventing it and fixing it

5 types of cyberbullying and what your kid can do about it

There are many aspects of life on social media that can make a teen feel down. While most teens report¬†that social media makes them feel better, not worse, time on Snapchat, Instagram…

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