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A quick and tasty low carb salmon burger recipe

A quick and tasty low carb salmon burger recipe

Don’t you love an easy-breezy recipe that’s also good for you? Me! I love those recipes! I especially love this low carb salmon burger recipe because the kids can make them. They’re really tasty and boy do they make a welcome change from chicken tenders.

Do your kids also inhale chicken tenders? I cannot keep up with the consumption. Lord help me, I used to make my own when the kids were younger (recipe here), but these days it’s a packet. Which I’m not a huge fan of, but needs must.

So salmon burgers, out of another packet, ready to go, can get in my trolley. I’ll mention that they have a number of random ingredients that aren’t really food. That matters to me, but sometimes I weigh up the convenience and advantages and I buy the weird ingredient numbers anyway. In this case, the massive advantage of getting more fish into the kids is the winner.

My son, who hates all vegetables, even at 17 years old, loves any kind of fish. And I’m just not a fish cooker. I mean, I try, I really do, but I can never quite trust my fish cooking. Are you like that? I’d love to be the person selecting fresh fish at the market in the morning and confidently cooking it up for lunch that day, but I’m not. So being able to make a low carb salmon burger is a definite yay moment.

A few more ideas for using these clever salmon burgers:

  • Cook and cool, then slice into 1 cm think slices. Wrap into sushi.
  • Serve with scrambled eggs for brekkie
  • Cook them on the barbie
  • Slice in half and put into a wrap with cream cheese, rocket and chilli sauce (so good!)

You can use a regular bun for these burgers, but using Burger Thins keeps the carb and cals down. Don’t skimp on the avo or salad and then it’s a really filling meal.

Super-easy low carb salmon burger

Low carb salmon burger recipe is super easy

Makes 4 burgers
Takes 15 mins
Bakes 40 mins

400g Tassal Tassie salmon burgers
4 Burger Thins
Extra virgin olive oil (for cooking)
4 slices beetroot
1⁄2 avocado
4 slices tomato
Handful of lettuce leaves (or rocket or spinach or whatever greens you have on hand)

Grill or lightly fry Tassie Salmon Burgers for 10-12 minutes until cooked through.

Toast burger buns, top with Tassie Salmon patty, avocado and salad ingredients. 

That’s it! Serve straightaway hot, but it’s also really nice cold in the lunchbox. Get the kids to make one in the morning before school, wrap in foil and into the bag it goes.