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10 really good lunchbox sandwich recipes

10 really good lunchbox sandwich recipes

 A sandwich has been a go-to in lunchboxes since kids started taking packed lunches to school (which, in Australia, is since day dot). The humble sandwich is portable, easy to eat and nutritious, depending what you pack into it. While, many kids (mine included) start to want more ‘sophisticated’ fare (like scrolls, for example, or, even better, the school canteen), lunchbox sandwich recipes are always good to keep on hand.

What makes something a good lunchbox sandwich recipe? For a start, the sandwich will have plenty of good nutrition. More importantly, the fillings are not going to cause ‘soggy bread syndrome’. Such a turn off.

A couple of tips for avoiding such horrors:

  1. Choose robust kinds of bread – White sandwich bread just won’t cut it (geddit?). You need a thick crusty baguette, ciabatta or wholegrain-packed sourdough to stand up to a good amount of filling. Toasting the bread can help too – even better if you’ve got a jaffle maker.
  2. Butter away – it provides a moisture-barrier that will keep food away from the bread.
  3. Self-assemble some fillings – never put tomato on a sambo in the morning. Instead, pack it separately to add at the time of eating.

Ready to go with the sandwiches now? Try packing one of these beauties.

10 lunchbox sandwich recipes

1. Steak and onion sandwich

Steak sambos are a great lunchbox sandwich recipes

Image: Jamie Oliver

Our kids aren’t five anymore and they need something substantial to spark their interest and keep them full. If you slice the steak really thinly, a hearty steak sambo is perfectly easy to eat at lunchtime. Plus it’s packed with plenty of goodness to keep kids alert and satisfied until home time.

2. Corn and tuna jaffles

Jaffles make great lunchbox sandwich recipes

Image: Guy Bailey

Tuna can be a bit of a ‘moist’ (sorry) ingredient, but toasting it into a jaffle means it is almost guaranteed to stay put. Don’t be afraid to serve jaffles cold in the lunchbox – they taste amazing. You could also make in the morning and wrap in foil in an insulated bag if your kid prefers. Top tip: Wrap your finished jaffle in kitchen paper towel before wrapping in foil. It will stay much crisper.

3. Jambon beurre

jambon beurre is one of the perfect lunchbox sandwich recipes you need to make

Image: Cooking for Keeps

The classic French baguette with ham and cheese is one of the most perfect lunchbox sandwich recipes. The butter and cheese form a good barrier to keep the moisture in the ham from getting anywhere near that soft white baguette. A little French sophistication will go down well in the playground, too (ha!).

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4. Hidden veggies burgers

Burgers in the lunchbox

Image: Healthy Little Foodies

Jam-pack a burger with goodness and serve it up in the lunchbox. Promise these taste just as good cold as they do hot. Just remember to pack the tomato separately.

5. Muffuletta

The muffuletta

Image: Delicious Magazine

The muffuletta is a New York classic combo of meat, cheese and pickle. It’s served in a ciabatta roll, so it’s perfect for holding up in the lunchbox. 

6. Banh mi

The banh mi is pretty much my all-time favourite sandwich (although, Croque Monsieur might have something to say about that!). It’s a bit of a labour of love to put together, but the flavours are so worth it. Adam Liaw’s ‘easy’ version on SBS Food breaks all the components down nicely. Adam is so good like that!

7. Club sandwich

A club sandwich is great for school lunches

Image: Feed Your Sole

Surely a list of important lunchbox sandwich recipes wouldn’t be complete without the club? It’s a classic pub feed that’s sure to tempt even a fussy high schooler. Make your club sandwich in the morning, wrap in a layer of kitchen paper towel and then foil and put into an insulated bag. It will still be warm at lunchtime.

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8. Grilled chicken pita

Pita bread make great lunchbox sandwich recipes

Image: Munchkin Time

A pita will last well in the lunchbox and this version has plenty of zappy Greek flavour to lend authenticity. Onion, tomato and lemon really make this lunchbox sandwich sing.

9. Sandwich sushi

Sandwich sushi

Image: My Poppet

Wrapping and rolling your sandwich bread makes it so much more robust (and fun to eat!). Pack in whatever you like – My Poppet’s version has tuna, cucumber and carrot.

•  Or pop in some actual sushi if  you want a change from sambos  •

10. Falafel sandwich

Falafel sandwiches

Image: A Couple Cooks

The trick is to make plenty of falafel and freeze the bulk of them to make these glorious falafel sandwiches whenever the urge strikes. How good does this look?! Hopefully your kid will agree!!

Got any great lunchbox sandwich recipes to share in the comments?