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These pizza quesadillas are genius

These pizza quesadillas are genius

This is exactly the time of year that I’d rather be doing anything other than cooking dinner. Which is why this pizza quesadillas recipe is so sneaky-genius.

Despite it being the busiest time of year, those pesky kids of ours kids just keep on insisting we feed them dinner. Every. single. day.

What to do, what to do, huh?

Pizza quesadillas are about making dinner quick, fun and easy enough for kids to want to make it for themselves, and feed the grown ups too. Woohoo, cue the victory dance, because this is one heck of an awesome recipe.

Pizza quesadillas - such an easy dinner

My kids love pizza, and so I guess these quesadillas are a bit of a cheats version of pizza, and better yet – you cook them in the sandwich toaster rather than the oven.

There is honestly no real method behind the madness when it comes to these Quesadillas, because as is often the way with pizzas -the more crazy the mix of toppings, the better it often tastes.

I find if we offer the kids bowls of brightly coloured fresh vegetables and toppings, they are happy to go to town with filling their wraps with choices that we parents can feel pretty smug about.

This recipe is ridiculously easy too: Quick ham and cheese scrolls

Pizza quesadillas

Pizza quesadillas - get the kids making dinner

Makes 4 pizzas
Takes 10 minutes

•  8 tortillas or wraps
•  Tomato paste or pizza / pasta sauce or BBQ sauce or pesto (whatever you have)
•  Whatever you like on your pizza, like:

•  onion
•  capsicum
•  olives
•  mushrooms
•  cherry tomatoes
•  baby spinach
•  rocket
•  ham
•  cooked chicken
•  cooked sausage
•  salami
•  smoked salmon

•  Grated mozzarella or tasty cheese (or a combo of both)

Put one tortilla on the sandwich press, swirl on some sauce, add your pizza toppings and top with cheese. Put another tortilla on top. Press in the sandwich press for about 2 minutes, or until cheese is melted and tortilla crisps up nicely.

Pizza quesadillas are also delicious for breakfast, snacks and in the lunchbox (yes, they are still yummy cold!).

Yum, yum: what would be your favourite topping on pizza quesadillas?


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