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100+ Never Have I Ever questions for teens

100+ Never Have I Ever questions for teens

We’ve got your sleepover entertainment covered with all the Never Have I Ever questions you ever could need! With full instructions plus the list of more than 100 questions and printable signs, you’ll have a blast playing this game.

Don’t have a group event coming up? These Never Have I Ever questions are great to play with your friends at school or family at the dinner table. You could also play the game with your friends via Facetime or Zoom.

It’s a good one for younger kids, too, but check out all the questions before you play – some of them are NSFLK! That’s Not Suitable For Little Kids!!

How to play Never Have I Ever

There are three main ways to play Never Have I Ever. Each version is suitable for different teens depending on ages, food available and size of the group. Another fun variation is playing it as never WILL I ever.

1. Bingo

  • Print the bingo sheets (questions were taken off the below list) – if you’re playing remotely, send the link to each of your friends to print their bingo card at home.
  • Give everyone a pen and bingo sheet.
  • Go around the group, letting each person say a block from their grid.
  • Cross off a square if you have done it.
  • Decide whether bingo will be 4 in a row or the entire grid.
  • The first person to reach bingo wins! Adding a prize often makes the game more exciting.

Never Have I Ever questions to ask your friends

2. Bucket

  • Each person will need a set of Have and Haven’t signs for this one. Click here to download and print the signs.
  • Print out the Never Have I Ever questions list below, then cut each question into an individual strip.
  • Place the questions into a bucket and shuffle.
  • Take turns pulling out a question and everyone answering using their signs.

3. Food

This is a good one for a sleepover.

  • Have a variety of lollies of chocolate in the middle of the group – these will be used as rewards.
  • Go around offering up questions – feel free to print out the list below to use as inspiration.
  • Everyone answers the question using the Have and Haven’t signs. If they have then they take a sweet.

Ask your friends these Never Have I Ever questions for teens

100+ Never Have I Ever questions for a fun game with your friends

Here are all the Never Have I Ever questions you’ll ever need. Have fun!

  1. Lied to get out of school or work
  2. Created a fake Instagram account
  3. Vomited in public
  4. Had a fake ID
  5. Used someone else’s toothbrush
  6. Wiped without toilet paper
  7. Peed in the bath
  8. Eaten leftover food from another table at a restaurant
  9. Shoplifted
  10. Climbed through a window
  11. Rode a motorcycle
  12. Sang karaoke
  13. Been in a fistfight
  14. Regifted a gift
  15. Laughed so hard I, um, peed my pants as a teen
  16. Sworn in church
  17. Went a week without showering
  18. Ate an entire pizza by myself
  19. Worn acrylic nails
  20. Got a self-tan
  21. Waxed
  22. Slept outdoors
  23. Lied about my age
  24. Deleted a post on social media because it didn’t get enough likes
  25. Spent more than $100 on a single piece of clothing
  26. Fasted or done an extreme diet
  27. Binged an entire series in one day
  28. Marched in a protest
  29. Fallen asleep in public
  30. Been hospitalised
  31. Worn pyjamas all day
  32. Accepted a drink/meal from a stranger
  33. Dumped a toxic friend
  34. Donated an organ/hair
  35. Gone vegan
  36. Lied to my best friend
  37. Held a grudge longer than a year
  38. Cut my own hair
  39. Received nudes
  40. Thought a cartoon character was hot
  41. Had food poisoning
  42. Purposely given someone bad advice
  43. Hit a parked car
  44. Adjusted myself in public
  45. Been dumpster diving
  46. Parked in a handicap spot
  47. Sneezed on a stranger
  48. Walked in on my parents
  49. Witnessed a crime
  50. Fainted
  51. Clogged a toilet
  52. Donated blood
  53. Fired a gun
  54. Dropped a baby
  55. Lied about who I voted for SRC
  56. Been the subject of a rumour that wasn’t true
  57. Cried at a party
  58. Danced on a pole
  59. Called the cops on someone else
  60. Left a negative review
  61. Read someone else’s mail
  62. Auditioned for a reality show
  63. Skipped school
  64. Forged parents’ signature
  65. Teased someone
  66. Had a crush on someone they year below
  67. Enjoyed studying
  68. Rejected a love note
  69. Recorded myself singing
  70. Talked like Miranda sings (I apologise for bringing it up)
  71. Downloaded Tinder, Yubo or an online friendship/dating app
  72. Had braces
  73. Met someone famous
  74. Played in the rain as a teen
  75. Fallen or tripped in public
  76. Spied on my neighbours
  77. Played golf
  78. Been on TV
  79. Lied to a teacher
  80. Been in a limo
  81. Added someone I didn’t know on Snapchat
  82. Added someone by search
  83. Tried to start a business
  84. Painted my room a colour I regret
  85. Done something illegal
  86. Sworn at my parents
  87. Lost touch with someone I was best friends with
  88. Been tutored
  89. Been to a psychologist
  90. “Forgot” to pay someone back
  91. Had a job I loved
  92. Watched Barbie Princess Charm School
  93. Said a dog was cute when I thought it was ugly
  94. Had a celebrity crush
  95. Been to a music festival
  96. Sat by myself at school
  97. Had an awkward hug
  98. Screenshot someone’s private story
  99. Gone to the bathroom in complete darkness
  100. Had a dance battle
  101. Learnt the sing ladies dance
  102. Quoted Mean Girls
  103. Been robbed
  104. Been lost
  105. Lied in this game

Images by Tim Mossholder