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21 meals to make with a supermarket chook

21 meals to make with a supermarket chook

You can’t go past supermarket chicken recipes for super-swift mid-week meals. The easiest one we know is, of course, this one: buy chook, make salad, serve. Dinner takes all of five minutes, excluding chicken-buying time.

Sometimes we get a bit tired of the chicken ‘n’ salad routine, though. Times we want to feel like we’ve made a bit of an effort (even if we haven’t, really). And while a store-bought chicken plus salad dinner is a well-balanced and healthy meal, it’s just not very special, is it?

Here’s how to make your ready-to-go chook into a special meal that’s not much more effort than the regular. These supermarket chicken recipes will soon be your chicken-in-a-hurry go-to. And please, if you can, make your chicken a free-range one. I think it helps.

Try these supermarket chicken recipes

Chicken hoisin noodles

Supermarket chicken recipes - hoisin noodles

Sneh Roy of Cook Republic is an amazing recipe creator (and photographer, and styler, and just an amazing person, really). Her chicken hoisin noodles have long been a favourite at our place, so do give it a try at yours.

Chicken enchiladas Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken enchiladas

Give Me Some Oven’s enchiladas would have to be one of my kids’ favourite supermarket chicken recipes. Make these and you’ll find out why! We substitute fresh green capsicum for the canned chiles and red kidney beans for the black beans.

Chicken rice noodles

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken noodlesv

Don’t these chicken noodles look delicious? It really is such a good dish, one of the many supermarket chicken recipes from Taste that we make a lot.

Chicken and corn soup

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken and corn soupThis version has a little added chilli and soy to give it a bit of a kick. A warming dish to come home to in winter.

Buffalo chicken quinoa bowls

Supermarket chicken recipes - Buffalo chicken bowl

I went through a stage of putting quinoa into so many dishes that it became a running joke with the kids. I’m hoping they will be open to eating quinoa again, because this dish from Joyful Healthy Eats is exactly what I love to eat.

These carrot and quinoa muffins were a hit though!


Chicken udon soup with bok choySupermarket chicken recipes - chicken udon soup

This recipe from food scientist Jessica Gavin is health in a bowl.

Chicken pot pie

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken pot pie

This recipe from Once Upon a Chef would be a total hit at our place. I used to make something similar with chicken and leeks… which reminds me to make it again! Have you made a pot pie before?

Simple chicken carbonara

Supermarket chicken recipes - creamy chicken carbonaraLet’s start with a classic that we know kids love. Lauren’s recipe has the added bonus of using a jar, which you can pick up from the store when you buy your barbecue chicken.

Chicken buddha bowl with spicy mango sauce

Supermarket chicken recipes - buddha bowls

A yummy one from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Add or subtract whatever you know the kids will like.

Chicken and chorizo rice

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken and chorizo riceFor a real family pleaser, substitute your store-bought chook for the chicken breast in this recipe by Kidgredients.

Another must-try meal by Kidgredients: Tasty beef rissoles


Lemony chicken stir-fry

Supermarket chicken recipes - Lemony chicken stirfrySupermarket chicken recipes can sometimes be disguised as ‘cooked chicken breast’ in the ingredients. Yup, just add your bought chook to this recipe by Rachel Schultz. Green beans are a great substitute if your kids won’t eat asparagus (mine say no way!).

Chicken tacos with pineapple salsa

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken tacos

One of many healthy supermarket chicken recipes from the My Fitness Pal blog.

Shredded chicken and cabbage salad with sesame dressingSupermarket chicken recipes - shredded chicken salad

This SBS Food recipe takes the chook ‘n’ salad concept through the roof.

Cheesy chicken and bacon pasta bake

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken pasta bakeAnother dish where you simply substitute the supermarket chook for the cooked chicken breast. Recipe by Kitchen Sanctuary.

Sheet-pan chicken bake

Supermarket chicken recipes - sheet-pan pasta bakeWhat mum doesn’t love a sheet-pan recipe? This one is by Epicurious.

Try this one-pan wonder too: Sticky chicken tray bake


Spiced chicken and cous cous

Supermarket chicken recipes: Spiced chicken and cous cous

The Food Network has all kinds of marvellous supermarket chicken recipes. I like this one best. Quick tip: to make fluffy cous cous, I just cover the grains with boiling water, then pour about 1 cup extra. Season with salt and butter (I generally leave out the butter and it works fine). Allow to absorb then fluff with a fork.

Easy peanut chicken

Supermarket chicken recipes - easy peanut chicken

This recipe from Well Plated By Erin is packed with vegies for a filling mid-week meal.

BBQ chicken tacos

Supermarket chicken recipes - bbq chicken tacos

Who doesn’t love a taco? I’m so into Mexican dishes right now and this easy one from Lovely Little Kitchen looks tops.

Chicken, cheese and spinach scrolls

Supermarket chicken recipes - scrolls

Another yummy one from Kidgredients, these clever little scrolls would be great in the lunch box.

A sans-chicken scrolls recipe: Vegemite and cheese scrolls


Veggie-loaded chicken casserole

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken and vegie casserole

Winter is coming! Long live the casserole (especially beauties like this one from Project Meal Plan!).

Chicken curry

Supermarket chicken recipes - chicken curry

A good one to end our supermarket chook wrap up, don’t you think? Chicken curry in a hurry – yes please!

What’s your fave recipe to make with a supermarket chicken?

Feature image by Andrik Langfield; click through to each recipe for image credits.


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