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Tips for starting high school

21+ things to know about starting high school

When your kid is starting high school, it’s almost as daunting as when they started ‘big school’. Because, let’s face it, high school is the real big school. Starting high school is…

The anxious mum guide to back to school

The anxious mum guide to back to school

Anxiety over change can be triggered by anything. A new school routine, going on holiday, changing jobs, moving house. Any routine change can mess with your brain-space. Yep, back to school is torture…

Why mums stop talking about parenting

10 reasons why mums stop talking about parenting

There’s a very clear reason why we launched Mumlyfe in February 2018: mums stop talking about parenting. There’s just not a lot being said about parenting the over fives out there. It…

Strategies to help you worry less

Some strategies to help you worry less

Many mothers feel they worry too much and want to worry less. Worry is actually a natural response to thinking about the future and anticipating events. So it’s natural to worry about…

Mindfulness for kids - how to practise mindfulnes with your older kids

Why mindfulness for kids is more than just a buzzword

The idea of “mindfulness for kids” has been floated around for a while now (no pun intended!). The Smiling Mind app has been an entry into mindfulness for kids for many Australian…

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