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How not to worry about what others think - a guide for mums

How to stop worrying about what other people think

There’s a theme that keeps coming up the more I talk to my fellow mums about parenting: we worry way too much about being judged. In fact, while we talk a lot…

Change the way I do things

7 things I’ve changed to give me better mum life balance

By the end of last year, I felt totally depleted and fatigued by doing all the things that we mothers do.  The mothering, the schooling,  the working, the cooking, the washing, the…

Why mums stop talking about parenting

10 reasons why mums stop talking about parenting

There’s a very clear reason why we launched Mumlyfe in February 2018: mums stop talking about parenting. There’s just not a lot being said about parenting the over fives out there. It…

How to banish working mum guilt

11 tricks to banish working mum guilt (mostly)

When my kids were little, I never felt the need to banish working mum guilt. I felt it, I gave it some space, I let working mum guilt just be. I think…

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