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TikTok and please stop

TikTok and please stop

My daughter can’t stop doing TikTok moves. From breakfast until bedtime, she’s on the move. Little sequences from Renegade, Say So, and Number One Baby. We’ve renamed it ‘tic tok’ because I swear it looks like she’s got some strange physical tics. All the twitching and arm swinging and pelvic thrusting… shudder.

When we finally relented and let her get TikTok at the start of high school, I thought it would be the privacy concerns that would stress me out. Instead it’s the constant ticking. She does. not. stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her being active and she clearly loves doing the dances. Really, really loves doing the dances. A lot.

Dance monkey dance

If you haven’t got your own TikTokker tic tocking away, let me show you what I mean.

This is Renegade:

Even The Wiggles are into it.

And this is Number One Baby:

And the one we all learned over lockdown – Say So:

The boredom level on the face of @putriauzlvv is spot on. It’s exactly the face all TikTok dancers make because even though they can’t stop dancing, they’re not going to enjoy it for one second.

When family gets involved

In confess that during lockdown we all got our TikTok moves on, even my husband. I am under threat of death to not show you video evidence of our family doing Say So.

It seems TikTok is how many families are spending their time together. Mostly with mixed results, although there was this hilarious version of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights:

It’s a good 10 minutes of the same dance over and over but it’s worth every moment for the Irish accents, off-the-wall family and general mayhem. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen Derry (the Dad) trying to get a bat out of the kitchen, you haven’t lived. This guy is pure comic genius. I could watch this family all day long.

There’s no stopping us

Ahem, unlike the constant dancing of my kid. I’m about to dance her completely out of the stadium if she doesn’t stop. The words ‘Mum, I’ve learned a new TikTok dance!!’ are not music to my ears, and certainly not to my eyes. When will the TikTok fad be over? When will it stop? Please make it stop! Tik, tik, tik, tik…

The completely unbelievable thing is that my girl does not upload her dancing to TikTok. She’s only on there for the moves, she doesn’t upload. So all the jigging, swinging, thrusting, jumping, swiping is just for us. Which reminds me… I need to be a nicer audience. At least she’s being active, right?

Is your kid a tic tocker too?

Feature image by Paulette Wooten / Unsplash


Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Oh my that would get old fast! We're still back at cracking dance moves to sing star, so we do dance as a family at times.

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