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Clinkers slice – because small things are worth celebrating

Clinkers slice – because small things are worth celebrating

We call this the celebration slice because for years I made this slice for the kids to take into school on their birthday. It was always either this Clinkers slice, or if we were feeling flush, a Mars Bar slice. I could never be arsed fiddling around with cupcakes.

These days the kids are all in high school and it’s now considered naff to bring sweets in on birthdays. Honestly, who wants to live in that world? Teens, apparently. So, the celebration slice was in danger of lying dormant forever. Then I decided to make it to celebrate the fact that I finally got around to oiling the outdoor furniture. A task so gruesome that I had put it off for months. If crossing that one off the To Do list wasn’t worthy of a Clinkers slice, nothing was.

Clinkers slice

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Since then, I make this slice as often as my conscience lets me. Because little triumphs are worth celebrating, don’t you think? It’s pretty much a standard Hedgehog slice, but with added Clinkers and Freckles. Those most festive of lollies.

We made this last week for surviving the first 10 days of quarantine with (almost) smiles on our faces. Such is the power of the Clinkers slice that we decided we’d mark that particular moment on day three of the lockdown. Which gave us a full week to eagerly anticipate the making of the slice.

Fact is, this delicious chocolate slice is a celebration all on its own.

Celebration Clinkers slice

Clinkers slice

Makes 20 bars
Takes about 15 minutes (plus a few hours refrigerating time)

100 g butter
395 g tin sweetened condensed milk
150 g dark chocolate
1 cup (65g) Clinkers lollies (feel free to add more)
250 g plain sweet biscuits crushed (we like Arnotts Scotch Finger or Marie)
1 cup desiccated or shredded coconut
2 tbs cocoa powder
300 g milk chocolate
2 tbs vegetable oil
40 Freckles lollies

Line a 30 x 20 cm slice (lamington) tin with baking paper and set aside.

Place the butter, condensed milk and dark chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat on 50% power for for 2-3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted.

Firmly wrap the Clinkers in a clean tea towel and bash them around a bit with a rolling pin until crushed into small pieces. Then put the Clinkers, crushed biscuits, coconut, and cocoa powder into the chocolate bowl and mix together well.

Put the mixture into the slice tin and press down firmly with a metal spoon.

Put the milk chocolate and vegetable oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat on 50% power for about 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted. 

Pour the melted chocolate evenly over the slice and evenly top with the Freckles. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Once firm, cut into slices, allocating two Freckles to each slice. This slice will store in an airtight container in the fridge. It’s good for up to 5 days, but you’ll never need to know that. It will be gone within two.

Celebration Clinkers slice - a slice that's made to celebrate the everyday